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LEGO Wedding Flower Bouquet


Bouquets are probably the most common part of any wedding and the wedding home is filled with thousands of flowers during the wedding days. But, bouquets can be really messy when the flowers get all dried up. There is no doubt in the fact that flowers can make any place look a lot better and beautiful but, once the flowers in the bouquet die, all that is left is the mess.

Of course, there are several things to do with the dried-up flowers, like making a potpourri and keeping it on the nightstand. But, all in all, taking care of the bouquets is a really tough job since they take quite some space.

Consider LEGO Wedding Flower Bouquet

But, there cannot be a wedding without flowers, right? This is where LEGO stepped in.

Since everything is getting advanced and replaced due to technology, apparently there is a replacement for a flower of bouquets.

LEGO has introduced Lego Flower Bouquet. It is made up of blocks, obviously.

LEGO came forward with a set of blocks that can be put up together and be made into a flower or bouquet and only just for a mere amount of 89 USD.

The new set of blocks is filled with different types of techniques and pieces. It is a colorful bouquet and it goes perfectly with any kind of setting your wedding has.

The LEGO Wedding Bouquet was designed by a senior designer and his apprentice at the LEGO office. The apprentice has been known to make flowers and gifts for everyone at the office who has been hit with something that may have affected them psychologically or physically. He does all this just to make sure that his fellow employees feel good and can get back to work easily and feel better.

The apprentice has been making flowers out of the blocks for quite some time and they are literally all over the office.

The set of blocks has five different bags containing 756 pieces, that once put together creates a masterpiece. The LEGO Wedding Bouquet is an exceptional thing to have on your wedding because not only is it an amazing and different thing to have, but also because it symbolizes that once all the pieces are put together, the outcome is breathtaking; just like the bride and groom.

The first bag consists of all the roses that go with the bouquet. Everything about the roses is just amazing. The details, how intricate they are and how lovely they seem.

The bouquet comes with stems as well, which are as long as 36 cm, as said on the box of the bouquet.

The details on the bouquet are hard to explain. The designer left no stone unturned while making sure they look absolutely amazing. My favorite part about them is that the roses when put together, one of them is bent over a little while the others complement each other perfectly. This just gives the bouquet a life-like effect.

The one thing that left me astonished was that LEGO did not let go of what they are famous for; anything fits anywhere. There is no limit as to where you put a certain flower in the bouquet. All of the flowers get attached to the stem easily and there is no restriction whatsoever as to where to put the flowers.

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The final product just looks amazing. I, personally, would prefer the LEGO bouquet over a real one, because it is really handy and it never dies. There is no doubt that a new and fresh flower bouquet is just wonderful to have but the LEGO Wedding Bouquet just might be the next big thing.

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