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6 Gen Z Wedding Trends We Love


The wedding industry, like any other, evolves over time to reflect the changing tastes and preferences of each generation. With Gen Z now entering the wedding scene, we are witnessing a wave of refreshing and exciting trends that set them apart from their predecessors. Here we explore some Gen Z trends we love and share how they’re shaking up the traditional wedding landscape.

1. Beer Boys

Move over flower girls, the Gen Z trend of beer boys has gained massive popularity. Instead of having a traditional flower girl, couples are opting for their closest friends to serve as beer boys during the ceremony. Many of the beer boys have a belt where they can carry cans of the couple’s favorite beer. As they walk down the aisle before the bride, they pass beer to those seated for the ceremony.

Beer boys can help make the most sentimental moment of the day a little more lighthearted. Their duties can even carry on throughout the reception. These friends can take on the role of circulating throughout the night, offering guests a variety of craft beers. This interactive and fun element adds a personalized touch to the celebration while keeping the party atmosphere alive.

2. Minimalist Themes

Gen Z couples are breaking away from subdued, traditional color palettes and grand decor and are gravitating towards minimalist themes. Minimalist themes, characterized by clean lines, simple aesthetics, and color palettes, create spaces that feel modern and sleek.

This can be incorporated throughout the day from bridesmaids’ dresses to less abundant centerpieces and table decor and even with the flower arrangements. This trend lends itself to timeless elegance while allowing couples to inject their own creativity and individuality into their big day.

3. Custom Ceremony Entrance Songs

Gone are the days of the traditional bridal march. Gen Z couples are customizing their ceremony entrance by choosing songs that reflect their personalities and love stories. From romantic ballads to upbeat pop tunes, the chosen song sets the tone for the couple’s grand entrance. Whether it’s a sentimental favorite or a modern hit, this personal touch injects a unique energy into the ceremony and makes it even more memorable for everyone involved.

4. Unplugged Ceremonies 

In the age of smartphones and social media, Gen Z couples are embracing the concept of unplugged ceremonies. They encourage guests to be fully present and enjoy the moment by requesting that phones and cameras be put away during the ceremony. This trend allows the couple and their loved ones to truly connect and share intimate, uninterrupted moments. Professional photographers will be the ones to capture the magic, ensuring that all the important memories are beautifully documented. These photos can then be shared with all of the guests when the day is done.

5. Disposable Cameras During the Reception 

Nostalgia meets innovation with the trend of disposable cameras during wedding receptions. Couples are placing disposable cameras on each table, encouraging guests to capture their own candid moments throughout the celebration aside from the professional ones that will be taken as well.

These cameras harken back to the days of film photography, adding a touch of whimsy and unpredictability to the event. Afterward, the couple can have the photos developed and curated, creating a unique and personal collection of memories from their guests’ perspectives.

6. Digital Invitation Videos 

Gen Z couples are taking wedding invitations to the next level by creating digital invitations and Save The Date videos. Instead of sending traditional paper invites, these videos incorporate animation, music, and personalized storytelling to engage and excite guests for the wedding.

Through a digital format, couples can express their personalities, share important details, and create anticipation for the upcoming celebration. Also, no need to stress about mail getting lost or arriving late. These videos can be easily shared through text, email, or even social media platforms, making the invitation process more interactive and eco-friendly. It’s also something that you can watch over and over and add to your digital wedding collection.

Gen Z Wedding Trends

As generations shift, so do the trends within the wedding industry, and Gen Z is redefining what it means to celebrate love. Embracing ideas such as beer boys, unplugged ceremonies, digital invitation videos, and exciting themes, Gen Z couples are leaving their unique mark on the wedding scene.

We love these ideas as these trends reflect a desire for personalization, authenticity, and a focus on creating meaningful experiences. So, if you’re getting married soon, take some inspiration from these trends and make your wedding a true reflection of who you are. Happy planning!

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