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6 Reasons Why You Should Live Stream Your South Florida Wedding


Why live stream an event? When it comes to weddings, couples may be looking at ways for international relatives to still feel connected during the ceremony, or the wedding budget requires cutting back the guest list count. When you still want everyone to be able to tune in, even if it’s just virtually, live streaming your South Florida event is the best option. Let’s dive right into the benefits of live stream your South Florida wedding ceremony.

6 Reasons Why You Should Live Stream Your South Florida Wedding

Endless Rewatching

The most fun reason to live stream is so you can rewatch the ceremony all over again – and so can family and friends! It’s hard to comprehend how special it is to watch this exciting, important, whirlwind moment in your life! It may be a blur when it happens, but it’s an awesome experience to be able to listen to the vows again and relive the emotions of the momentous ceremony.

Larger Reach

With live streaming, you have endless invites to the viewing party! While you may leave some extended family or long-lost high school friends out of the invite to your actual wedding, you don’t have to leave anyone out on the livestream invite!

Keep Guest Count (and Prices!) Down

You won’t have to feel bad about leaving your mother’s coworkers, your Pilates instructor, or any guests you’re on the fence about out of the invite, since you’re still able to invite them to tune into the day! With another option to view your wedding, you can keep your guest count down which keeps the cost of catering and rentals down as well. By just inviting roughly three less tables of people (around 24 less guests), you can save over $1000 in appetizer, dinner, beverage, table decor and linen rental costs.

No Additional Duties

Your friends and your family can simply enjoy the ceremony, whether they’re in person or watching from afar, while Complete Weddings + Events handles the live stream. Having no additional tasks for you and your guests makes choosing to do a live stream that much easier!

Less Planning

I’m sure you’re like me and live for a good party.  I know that nothing will actually makes up for having your loved ones in person. However, the more people there are in attendance, the more planning that is required.

You have to organize transportation, parking, and lodging for out of towners.  Should you choose to live stream your Fort Lauderdale wedding, most of these issues are a thing of the past. As long as your guests have their link and an online connection, they can easily attend.

Peace of Mind

You don’t want to worry about the health of their elderly family, friends or any loved ones that may be at a high risk.  Having a live stream option for your friends and family provides you with peace of mind, as well as any guests who may feel nervous about attending in person.

Providing a live stream of your Fort Lauderdale wedding ceremony also helps take the pressure off you and your guests that have concerns about social distancing and staying within your region’s current health guidelines.

Bonus Reason

The More The Merrier

Live streaming allows for an unlimited guest count.  You won’t have to worry about the dreaded seating chart for the reception hall and playing chess with who can sit next to who.

You also have a chatting option where your guests can leave well wishes to you, that you get to relive every time you watch your video.

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