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Foolproof Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding



Weddings are always a lovely occasion—two people promising to love each other forever, surrounded by their closest friends and family. There is good food, music, and dancing. Of course, planning the entire thing is not as fun. There is so much to be done to make sure the wedding goes smoothly. You have to find the right venue then you have to hire a wedding planner, catering, decorating, etc. Not to mention you still have to find a good DJ or a band, because there aren’t many things that can bring the mood down at the wedding like bad music. And in the midst of all of this, one thing tends to be forgotten. Kids. People often bring their kids to weddings, and sometimes that can be a real problem. Because as much fun as weddings are for adults, that’s not always the case for kids. Weddings can be quite long, and kids need something fun to do while they are there. So we made a little list of some foolproof ways to keep kids entertained at your wedding.

Arts and Crafts Table

Something you can do to keep the kids entertained during the wedding ceremony is to set up an arts and crafts table. It’s something kids really enjoy, and they can do it for a long while, and that is especially important because weddings are usually very long. Find an area of the venue you are staying in and set up an arts and crafts table. You will need the usual stuff: crayons, markers, pencils, paint, paintbrushes, colorful paper, scissors, etc. You can find all of that very easily, and it is quite affordable. Also, to inspire the kids, you can find some interesting arts and crafts inspiration online and set a challenge for the kids who can copy it best. That way, you will add some more excitement to their game.

Another one of the ways to keep kids entertained at your wedding is to hire an entertainer

When we talk about how to keep kids entertained at your wedding, there isn’t a better and more foolproof way than hiring a professional children’s entertainer. It may be a bit more costly than having an arts and crafts table, but it is definitely worth it. First of all, a professional entertainer has probably been hired many times for this exact reason. You are not the only one looking to entertain kids at your wedding. They know exactly what to do in these situations. You can choose from a variety of performers. You can hire a magician, a clown, or even a puppeteer. To be sure what is the best choice, you can simply ask the kids coming to the wedding what they would like the most.  If you do that, there is no chance you will fail at keeping them entertained while you are enjoying your wedding.

Board Games

The following kids’ entertainment on our list is a classic one. Board games. Who doesn’t like those? Kids certainly do. The best part is that it is something they can all do as a group, and you don’t have to do something different for every individual kid. You will only need a table, some chairs, and board games, and you are set. It’s best that you get a couple of different games, just in case. When they get bored of one game, they can immediately switch to another without interrupting you on your wedding day. It’s best that you stick with the classics like Monopoly, Connect Four, Sorry!, or Operation. This is an incredibly cheap but effective way of keeping kids entertained at a wedding.

A Movie

This is an excellent idea if you can make it work. Depending on the venue you rent for your wedding, you can make a fun movie marathon for kids. If you are having your wedding at a venue that also has a theater room, then you should definitely utilize that. For example, some hotels have that option; if your budget allows it, rent a wedding and theater area. But if it doesn’t have it, there is still no need to panic. You can just get a projector and set it up in front of a big white wall. Get some snacks and desserts from the catering and set them up nearby for the kids to enjoy while watching. When it comes to choosing the right film, it’s best that you leave that up to the kids. Ask the kids’ parents to make a list of their kids’ favorite movies so you know exactly how to entertain them the best.

Putting up a Kids Tent

An up-and-coming idea for entertaining kids at weddings that has been growing increasingly popular in the last few years has been a kids’ tent. It works best if you have a nice outdoor space at your wedding venue. You set up a nice big tent with lots of fluffy pillows. You put a lot of toys and games in there and let kids inside. You would be surprised how long that can keep their attention. And if you are thinking, “What am I going to do with all those toys once the wedding is done?” don’t worry. There are many great toy storage ideas, so you can keep them safe afterward. And if you don’t want to keep the toys, you can always donate or gift them.

In Conclusion

As you can see, it is not that hard to keep kids entertained at your wedding. You just need to be creative and put a little extra effort in. The best possible way to do this is to talk to kids directly. Ask them what they would like to do the most at the wedding. Is it a magician, a clown, or maybe a fun movie marathon? People often forget to include some entertainment for kids when planning their wedding day because they are so busy. So our advice to you is to make a list and write it down, so there is no chance you will forget this very important part of your big day.

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