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Things Your Wedding Coordinator Will Handle for You

7 Things Your Wedding Coordinator Will Handle for You


Much hard work goes into planning a perfect wedding. These are the things your wedding coordinator will handle so that you can enjoy your big day!

The bouquet and rings are among the things your wedding coordinator will handle.

You should hire a professional wedding organizer if you want your big day to go perfectly. There are many things your wedding coordinator will handle so you can just enjoy your big day. They can help with not just the big picture but also all the tiny details that come up and might use an additional pair of hands. Wedding coordinators do more than just make sure everything runs well on the big day. Here are seven things you can expect your wedding coordinator to handle.

1.  Small tasks

Many people wonder why exactly they’d need a wedding coordinator. The simplest answer is—you need a wedding coordinator for everything! Your coordinator should be able to lay up the guest book, favors, unity ceremony pieces, and programs. This, of course, while still directing the remainder of the event, fielding queries, and, if necessary, donning their superhero capes to prevent a disaster.

That’s why you need to choose an organized and responsible person as your wedding coordinator. They should be able to help with all kinds of small tasks without forgetting about the bigger picture.

2.  Timing and logistics

Visualize being at a wedding where the officiant is running late, the florists are confused about where to set up shop, and your family is all on their phones to try to find the location on Google Maps. Preventing this is among the things your wedding coordinator will handle. They should ensure that all attendees and vendors arrive at the site on time and are ready to begin their tasks promptly.

A wedding coordinator will also guarantee that everyone can easily locate the venue. They can also arrange transportation for the bride and groom to salons and other locations as needed.

3.  Knowing your whole vision

Having a single individual on-site who is familiar with all aspects of your event’s setup and breakdown is essential. A wedding coordinator should be on the ground, ensuring everything is going according to plan while you are getting ready in the morning.

Once everything is completed to your satisfaction, they will operate as the main point of contact with your suppliers, relieving you of any further duties. An organized process is ensured when there is one person to contact for all suppliers involved.

Even before the wedding, they will look up a base of different providers and services, such as Consumer Opinion, and find the best options. Your wedding coordinator will operate as your point of contact with all of your service providers, assisting you with a long list of chores such as:

  • Reminding the DJ how to pronounce your new last name or reminding the DJ that you kept your last name
  • Verifying that the caterer is aware of everyone’s allergies
  • Making sure the ice cream truck doesn’t park in the spot that was reserved for the restroom trailer
  • Ensuring that the photographer/videographer and key family members are there for the cake-cutting and other important moments
  • De-escalating any possible unwanted situations
  • Taking care of your transportation by checking that your getaway car is waiting for you outside and that your guest shuttles are loaded and ready to depart

Even the most brilliant vendor team will still have small queries here and there about exactly how you want things done. Hiring a wedding coordinator to act as your point person and field questions like these before, during, and after the big event will allow you to relax and enjoy the happiest day of your life.

4.  Arranging the cleanup

Post-wedding trash is definitely something your wedding coordinator will handle for you. They will direct you in appointing a person or people to take charge of the cleanup and removal of anything left behind. They will likely help with jobs such as picking up table linens and minor decorations, emptying vases, and ensuring thoroughness during the event’s cleanup.

Don’t forget to bring up the topic of cleaning services with your coordinator if you’d like them to take care of more than just coordinating the disassembly and disposal of your decorations.

5. Managing your guests

A wedding day coordinator is invaluable because they can act as a central point of contact for all your relatives and friends helping out on the big day with readings or toasts. Yes, including your family in the wedding might be fun, but it can also lead to problems! Your closest friends and family will be able to relax knowing that your wedding coordinator will be there to answer any questions they may have while your other suppliers handle their setup.

They can also assist photographers in gathering guests for the speedy completion of formal family portraits, so you can skip straight to the hors d’oeuvres you’ve been craving.

6.  Lost-and-found is among the things your wedding coordinator will handle

Suits can get hot and uncomfortable over lengthy wedding days, even if they fit well. After a few drinks, we have no doubt that several of your guests will leave their outerwear behind. Your wedding coordinator will go to great lengths to make sure that no one leaves the party without their accessories, including rummaging through trash cans and checking under seats and tables.

7.  Organizing your rehearsal

The concept of a wedding rehearsal might seem strange. However, in order to throw a timeless wedding, a night of practice is a must. A wedding coordinator works with the officiant to run a rehearsal of the ceremony the day before the big day to ensure that everyone is on the same page with regard to:

  • Where they should stand
  • When they should walk
  • When they should read
  • When they should hand off the rings
  • When they should grab the bouquet
  • and more

Everything happens the day before, when you won’t have any other vendors (save maybe the venue organizer) available. This step is essential if you want everything about the ceremony to go smoothly and be something you and your loved ones will never forget.


Final words

The day of your wedding will be unforgettable. You and your significant other will share a special connection to this day. Friends, family, and relatives can all lend a hand in making your big day memorable. However, there are many things your wedding coordinator will handle that they can’t. So, if you really want to relax and enjoy yourself, hiring one is the way to go. Their professionalism, exceptional abilities, and dedicated services will ensure that your special day goes off without a hitch.


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