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Do I Need a Second Photographer?

Do I Need a Second Photographer?


One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is choosing your photographer. You get to have those photos that beautifully reflect the emotions of everyone on your big day. You get to capture the laughs, smiles, and even tears that make up your wedding. The fond memories of your special celebration are captured in perfect frames.

Do I Need a Second Photographer?

Now, for the big question, will you need a second photographer? While booking one photographer might seem enough for some couples, having two artists for your wedding photography comes with tons of amazing perks. Curious? Here’s why hiring a second shooter is worth your money.

Variety of angles

Isn’t it amazing to have two angles of every moment at your wedding? You can have those mesmerizing photographs of the bride while she walks down the aisle, and you get to capture the groom’s reaction as she walks towards him. That’s such a magic moment you don’t want to miss any detail. A second shoot can also capture different angles of the ceremony. Close up shots of guests, shots of the entire reception from far away – you name it.

More layers of backup

Typically, a wedding photographer readily has multiple backups of hard drives, SD cards, or an extra camera to cover the day. Yet, it’s one of the biggest events in your lives, and you can never have enough protection for the pictures. Think about the special moments that could be missed when your photographer has to change camera cards or batteries, or they’ve gone to drink water. Having a second shooter adds an extra safety net for the wedding coverage, in case of technical malfunctions and not missing any precious moments of the day.

Two places at once

You do know one photographer can’t be in two places at once, right? So, you’re in your room getting your markup done with your bridesmaids, your groom in the other room getting ready too. Surely, you’d want to capture every bit of moments from both sides. A second photographer can make that happen. Your main shooter won’t have to run back and forth and trying not to miss the moments. Plus, the second shooter can cover the pre-ceremony in detail while you’re getting ready.

The day gets much easier

It’s part of a photographer’s job to make your wedding day is much more efficient. From making sure your reception is picture-perfect to gathering your family and friends for after-ceremony picture taking, everything can be done with no hassle. Having a second shooter can also help your main photographer in organizing and finding guests that still need to be photographed. With two sets of eyes on your side, you don’t have to stress out about family photos and have the most carefree time possible.

Think about it – two photographers, two perspectives. And what would you get in return? Better wedding coverage and more quality images. Looking for two talented photographers to book for your special day? Get in touch with our team here at Complete Weddings + Events! Our photographers can swiftly cover every part of your wedding, from the ceremony, reception, to the cocktail hour.

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You always have the freedom to have the wedding that you’ve been dreaming of. But still, always have a realistic wedding budget to avoid drowning yourselves in debt. Special moments such as these aren’t defined by money. Spend your money the right way and just make the most out of your wedding day! Need help planning your big day? Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Complete Weddings + Events!

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