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Contingency Plans for Weddings


Not many soon-to-be-married couples ever consider creating a contingency plan. Despite not being typically associated with weddings, having some kind of a back-up is always necessary to prepare you for anything – from changing weather conditions to the unpredictable pandemic.

And with so many restrictions and changes in weddings these days, it pays to be prepared and flexible for the worst-case scenario. To help you out, we’ve compiled some useful tips to get you started with Contingency Plans for Weddings.

Contingency Plans for Weddings

  1. Review vendor contracts

First and most important thing you need to do is to re-read all your vendor contracts, from the catering to the venue. Check their policies regarding Postponement, Financial Penalty, Date Change, Cancellation, or Force Majeure. Deeply understand everything written on the contracts before signing anything can help you easily execute back-up plans.

However, in case you’ve already signed them, discuss with your partner the risks associated when you create or request some adjustments. This is essential as you might face financial and legal issues in the end. It’s also best if you can have an open and polite conversation with your vendors as they might happily give you better solutions that are good for you financially and legally.

  1. Recheck spaces from the venue

This is where choosing a venue with multiple spaces comes very ideal. Does it have a separate restaurant area? What about a beautiful backyard area? Perhaps, a huge, private dining hall? Knowing all the alternatives and discussing them with the venue provider will enable you to have a back-up plan for any accommodation problems.

  1. Reread to-do lists

Generally, a wedding to-do list includes almost anything, from your suppliers to the guests. Is your current guest list can be reduced in numbers when needed? Will your cake supplier allow you to chance a multi-tier cake for a smaller one? Are you considering ordering fewer wedding favors? Check every element on your list that might need adjustments and make the necessary decisions.

  1. Seek help from others

If you’ve got more hands on deck, the easier the execution of the contingency plan will be. After all, you can’t possibly do everything on your own. First, check who can provide you with extra assistance. The bridesmaids? Groomsmen? Your other close friends attending the wedding? Next, list down what will each person do and when. Doing this simple thing can help you big time in carrying out any of your back-up plans.

  1. Have an emergency budget

You’re probably thinking – the wedding planning and organization is already expensive enough, why still prepare a contingency budget? Simple answer, you never know what could happen, right? Ideally, it is a good idea to save at least 20% of the overall wedding budget for unexpected expenses. You can expect surprises when it comes to set up and breakdown fees, vendor transportation, planners, and digital access.

There are plenty of factors that could affect your special day. You might have to deal with limited numbers of guests, venue changes, or other restrictions implemented in your location. But by following this guide, you can potentially minimize the risks and stress you’ll likely face during the wedding. Let us here at Complete Weddings + Events help you plan the best wedding ideal for your budget and preferences. Contact our amazing team today and learn about our fantastic services!

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You always have the freedom to have the wedding that you’ve been dreaming of. But still, always have a realistic wedding budget to avoid drowning yourselves in debt. Special moments such as these aren’t defined by money. Spend your money the right way and just make the most out of your wedding day! Need help planning your big day? Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Complete Weddings + Events!

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