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6 Ideas For A Unique Wedding

6 Ideas For A Unique Wedding


If you have been to more than a few weddings in your life, you probably noticed that they all start to blend together in your mind after some time. You definitely don’t want that to happen to your own wedding! So, you start thinking of ways to spice up your special day and make it unforgettable. However, finding clever new ideas to make your wedding unique can be challenging. Even some of the wedding ideas that were creative a few years ago are now being overused. Take the fairy lights and the mason jar décor, for instance. So, we figured we’d help you with your planning. Here’s a list of things that will make your wedding stand out from all the rest!

1. Pick A Fun Theme

One of the best ideas to make your wedding unique is to choose a fun theme for your wedding. Think about the hobbies and interests you and your significant other shares. Then, try to think of a way to incorporate them into your wedding. For example, if both you and your future spouse are huge fans of Game of Thrones – run with it! Pick a medieval-looking decor, add candles, and have each table represent one of nine houses from the series instead of numbers.

What if you don’t have interests that you can turn into a theme? Don’t worry. You can let your personality shine through in a different way. Pick any other theme that sounds fun and requires all guests to dress up. If guests put a little more time and effort into getting ready for your wedding day, they’re less likely to mix it up with other weddings they’ve attended.

2. Unique Seating Arrangement

Do you want to make your wedding one of a kind? Then, try to mess with the one thing that’s always the same at the wedding: the seating arrangement. Instead of arranging seats in a traditional way, in rows facing the altar, try arranging them in a circle or swirl. This way, the bride will be walking through the spiraling arrangement on her route to the altar.

It doesn’t have to stop there. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you have even more seating options to play with. Instead of benches or seats, choose unique seating for your ceremony that fits your wedding style, such as floor cushions or tree stumps. While it is tempting to get carried away with the look, be sure the seating you pick is also comfy for your guests to sit on all throughout the ceremony.

3. A Surprise Ring Bearer

Instead of your nephew or another relative’s child walking down the aisle with those treasured rings, have your beloved pooch do so! Make sure that they look the part. For instance, get them a little custom collar and tie, and your pup will be more than happy to do the job and wag its tail the entire time. And, the cuteness of it all will earn you a lot of awws from the guests.

4. Take Song Requests

Think how cool it is to hear your favorite song playing at a friends’ wedding. Well, you can give your guests that fantastic feeling by playing all their favorite songs at your reception! To do so, ask your guests to write down their favorite hits on the RSVP card. If you hire a band or a DJ, give them the list of all the songs. This way, you can ensure that somebody will always be on the dance floor!

5. Get A Photo Booth

If you have a lot of guests attending your wedding, wedding favors may not be the right choice. Most of the time, wedding favors are a waste of money, and many people leave without them. Alternatively, those who take them home probably keep them around until the first spring cleaning. If you want to give your guest an authentic souvenir that they’ll hold on to for a long time, get a photo booth for your wedding!

Moreover, if you rent a Dallas photo booth, you won’t have to go through the trouble of buying and storing all the party favors before the wedding. However, if you do end up needing space to store decorations before the wedding or temporary storage for your gifts after the wedding – get a temporary storage space. That way, you will have a safe place for everything that can’t fit inside your home but is too valuable to throw away.

6. Spice Up Your Exit

Some cultures have specific wedding traditions related to the bride and groom send-off at the end of the night. However, even if your culture doesn’t have a specific tradition, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it memorable. And, lucky for you, there are so many options to choose from! You can have your guests throw rice, confetti, leaves, or glitter. Moreover, they can release balloons or lanterns with little messages on each of them.

You can also get people to ring bells, light sprinklers, or fire up some fireworks. Whatever you do – make the ending of the night spectacular and worth remembering!

Make It Your Own!

These are only some ideas to make your wedding unique. Still, they’re guaranteed to have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come. Aside from the ones we’ve listed, there are plenty of others out there!

For example, you can make your wedding unique by picking out an uncommon menu or serving cookies or cupcakes instead of a real cake. Moreover, you can create a fun guest book for all your guests to sign or even a video version where all the guests have to film their messages to you! You can come up with fun games to play with or in front of everybody. Or, at the end of the night, you can send off your guests with a box of fast food that will help them avoid a hangover in the morning.

Don’t be afraid to get creative – your guests will love it!

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