Wedding Photography Shot List

Wedding Photography Shot List


Wedding photographers are one of the most important vendors at a wedding. They are there to capture all of the best moments of the day. Throughout the day it is their job to take all kinds of photos like candids, family portraits, wedding party photos. There is an aspect of pre-planning in order to capture all the photos that the couple is wanting. One way to help the photographers is to create a wedding photography shot list. This allows the photographers to cross off a list of the exact photo and combinations of photos that the couple is wanting. Creating a wedding photography shot list can be extremely helpful to photographers.

Wedding Photography Shot List

Bride and Groom Shots:

The bride and groom photos speak for themselves. Take a look at some of these amazing couple photos!

List of Family Shots:

  • The whole family – both sides
  • Brides side of the entire family
  • Grooms side of the entire family
  • Brides grandparents
  • Grooms Grandparents
  • Siblings on both sides of the couple

When gathering people for a picture, try to get the large pictures done ahead of time. This way, no one is anxiously waiting for the large family photo, and you can dwindle your way through the shot list. Not only does this make it easy for the parties involved, but it also helps create a sense of organization on the day of your wedding.

Mothers & Fathers:

The parents also play a huge role in the wedding. Make sure to save time for a couple of precious moments like the mother of the bride zipping up the wedding dress, or the father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. These are moments that you and your family never want to forget!

Bridal Party Shot List:

These shots can be taken before or after the ceremony. Make sure to schedule up to an hour for these Bridal Party shots. The photographer tends to have the most flexibility with creativity when working with the bridal party. 

Wedding shots for the bridal party:

  • Symmetrical shot: Bridesmaids to the right of the couple and the groomsmen to the left.
  • Mixed Bridal Party Shot: Everyone surrounding the beautiful couple.
  • Transportation: Photographer follows bridal party on a party bus or while they are in transit for on-the-go photos.
  • “The Walk”: Bridal party walks towards the photographer.
  • Grand Exit: The photographer captures a couple walking out after the ceremony.
  • Head table: Capturing cheers at the head table.

Bridesmaids + Bride:

Bridesmaids play a HUGE role on the day of the wedding. Their job is to make sure the bride looks perfect for the photos. Throughout the day there are a couple of significant pictures that brides are always happy to see in their gallery. 

Bridesmaids wedding photos:

  • Getting ready photos
  • Reactions to the dress reveal
  • Toast with mimosa’s in hand
  • Posed with only Bride + Bridesmaids

Groomsmen + Groom:

Groomsmen have the amazing capability of distracting. The groom may be nervous and the groomsmen are always there to lighten the mood.

Groom and groomsmen wedding photos:

  • Group photo
  • Groom and groomsmen walk towards the camera
  • Goofing around photos.

Detailed Shots:

Another aspect of capturing the whole wedding day is the details. Detailed photos consist of pictures of florals, jewelry, wedding invites, table decor, and signs. All of these details are important aspects of the day. Couples spend many months trying to coordinate all of these small details, and they should be remembered.

Reception Shots: 

Some of the best photos come from the reception. All the guests are surrounded by family and friends having a blast. When guests are on the dance floor it makes the photographer’s job easy. Photographers are able to capture emotions, facial expressions, and crazy cool dance moves.

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