wedding vows

Wedding Vows: How to Write Them 7.15.21

When it comes to writing wedding vows, we know you might be having writer’s block. There are so many feelings and thoughts going through your head. Which thoughts do you put on paper? Just when we think writing vows were hard enough, you have to say them in front of a large audience. Of course, […]

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner in Springfield IL

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner in Springfield IL? 7.12.21

When hosting your own wedding, it’s typically your first time putting together an event of such grandeur.  The first time you’re both the “manager” and the key decision-maker on every aspect: budget, decor, timing, all the things! While this may naturally feel like an exciting feat, (finally you get to decide the menu!), there are […]

How to Personalize Your Wedding Playlist Morgan + Rowdy's Wedding at The Barn at Fairview Acres

How to Personalize Your Wedding Playlist 7.6.21

What is your ideal playlist and how do you make it personal? Maybe you aren’t quite sure yet what that consists of, or how to figure that out on your own. We will help you along in the journey of creating your wedding playlist, and with our tips, you will be able to answer your […]

Bachelorette Party Trends for 2021 sage green dresses New Wedding Colors to Consider

Bachelorette Party Trends for 2021 6.22.21

The bachelorette party is possibly one of the most fun pre-planning events, but there are many decisions to be made. Whether you are the bride or the one helping plan the event, you might want some suggestions to make it extra special. Make sure you take notes because we have some of the hottest trends […]

The First Looks 6.8.21

There are so many ways to do a first look, but first, what even is a first look? A first look is exactly how it sounds: the first time you see the bride all dressed up in her gown. This can be before the wedding ceremony or right as she is walking down the aisle. […]

place card display Guide To Your Wedding Seating Chart

Guide To Your Wedding Seating Chart 6.1.21

With wedding planning, some tasks are quick and easy. Others are not so quick and easy. One thing that can be a daunting task is creating the wedding seating chart. There are a few tactical ways you can go about making this easier, and clear for your guests! You can start by organizing the guest […]

How to Plan a Bridal Shower

How to Plan a Bridal Shower 5.18.21

First came the ring, now it’s time to shower the bride! Maybe you are the bride yourself, or maybe you’re someone dear to the couple helping plan the shower. There are so many events that happen after the proposal, and a bridal shower is definitely an important one! Bridal and Couple Showers take some planning, […]

Should I Hire a Wedding Coordinator? 4.29.21

Are you wondering if you should hire a wedding coordinator for your wedding? Do you think that you have the time, tools, and abilities to plan and organize every detail? It could be doable as a couple to maybe plan out all the details, but it could come with stress and unnecessary worry. However, there […]

How to Personalize Your Wedding Playlist Morgan + Rowdy's Wedding at The Barn at Fairview Acres

Morgan + Rowdy’s Wedding at The Barn at Fairview Acres 4.20.21

Couples planning a wedding during the winter season, do not skip this! All of the touches that were added to this wedding really bring the personality of the couple into their big day. Having a winter wedding has so many benefits. Less people have their wedding then, so you don’t have to have your guests […]

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