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Custom Monogram Lighting – A New Spin on the Spotlight


You’ve DIY’ed your days away, but still want a custom statement decor item at your wedding. Look no further ladies and gentlemen, you need a lighting piece made just for you and your boo! Complete Weddings + Events custom monogram lighting adds a wow-factor to your wedding venue, and creates a grand display with your own name.

Monogram Lighting

These custom monogram lights (called GOBO lights) project a monogram, phrase or logo as big or small as you’d like on any wall or floor. The GOBO of the light is actually a stencil piece cut specifically for your monogram or design. GOBO stands for “Go Between Optics” describing how the custom cut piece sits between the shining light and the wall.

Evening Reception

These custom GOBO lights are a great way to not only elevate, but personalize an event space. Since the lighting is best visible in low light, these GOBO lights work best at evening events and receptions. At your wedding reception, you can fill a completely blank wall with your wedding hashtag to remind guests to add your hashtag to any photos they post on social media. Another popular option at a reception is to fill your dance floor with your own names and wedding date for a cool feature whether the dance floor is empty during dinner or full of dancers at night.

Lighting For Any Event

Along with weddings, custom GOBO lights are great for any event! Names also look great for birthday parties and Bar/Mat Mitzvahs, and a monogram can also be used at an anniversary as well! Shining the name of a corporate event at an entrance or above the a DJ booth looks great as well. Since a monogram light can be shown on a variety of locations, (ceilings,  props, pianos, dance floors, backdrops and more!), you can easily get creative with a custom light, or a few, works for your venue!





Complete Lighting

Filling an empty wall at your event with the phrase or monogram of your choice is seriously as easy as ever. This affordable decor choice makes a big statement! Contact us at Complete Weddings + Events to learn more about GOBO lighting, creating your on custom monogram, and other lighting options for your wedding or event!

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