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Current Wedding Photography Trends We Love


Wedding photography has experienced a remarkable transformation in recent years, departing from the conventional staged poses and formal compositions. Today, it’s all about preserving candid moments, embracing innovative techniques, and telling a unique love story. In this blog post, we’ll explore the captivating wedding photography trends that are currently captivating both couples and photographers alike. Whether you’re a couple planning your big day or a photographer seeking inspiration, these wedding photography trends are sure to pique your interest.

Candid Moments

The essence of any wedding lies in the genuine emotions shared between the couple and their loved ones. Candid moments have become a cornerstone of contemporary wedding photography. These unposed, authentic shots capture the real joy, laughter, tears, and love that fill the day, turning each image into a cherished memory.

Drone Wedding Photography

The soaring popularity of drone photography has revolutionized wedding albums. Drones capture sweeping vistas, offering breathtaking aerial shots and unique angles. They provide an entirely fresh perspective, adding an element of grandeur to the visuals that was once unattainable.

Nighttime Photography

Nighttime wedding photography has emerged as an enchanting trend. With advancements in camera technology, photographers harness the beauty of the evening. Creative use of light, stars, and even fireworks infuses a touch of magic into the wedding album, capturing the romance of the night.

Film Photography

Film photography has made a stylish comeback in weddings. The nostalgic allure of the film adds an element of vintage charm to the images. It captures the essence of timeless romance, offering a distinctive aesthetic that resonates with couples seeking something truly unique.

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits seamlessly blend the wedding venue and its surroundings into the frame. Whether it’s an enchanting woodland, a serene beach, or a bustling cityscape, these shots add depth and context to the images, narrating the bride and groom’s love story within the backdrop of their chosen setting.

Elevated Photo Sets

While the photo booth is undoubtedly a classic feature at weddings, today, an increasing number of couples are seeking to elevate the experience for their guests by incorporating stunning drapery and decor. Neon signs and floral walls have become more and more popular. This not only enhances the overall ambiance but also takes the photo booth experience to new heights.


Direct Flash

Direct flash photography is making a comeback, offering a dramatic play of light and shadow. By strategically employing direct flash, photographers can create bold, high-impact images that beautifully emphasize the couple’s expressions and the ambiance of the moment.

Black and White Photography

Black and white photography has experienced a resurgence in the wedding scene. Stripped of color, it directs focus onto emotions, expressions, and the interplay of light and shadow. These timeless images evoke nostalgia and often become cherished family heirlooms.

Wedding photography is an ever-evolving art form, shaped by the changing tastes and preferences of couples. The trends discussed above reflect a desire for authenticity, creativity, and a deeper connection in capturing the moments that define a wedding day. As you plan your special day or select a photographer to document it, consider these trends to ensure your wedding album is a true reflection of your unique love story. Remember, while wedding photography trends may come and go, the memories they capture will endure for a lifetime.

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