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Tips on hosting an outdoor wedding in Austin, TX


Weddings outside can make your special day feel magical. The blue skies, the little clouds here and there, the sunsets, and the stars in the night sky can make your photos look like a fairytale. Here are some tips and tricks to make your outdoor wedding a dream come true!


Let your Vendors Know

We all know communication is the key to success, especially for a successful wedding. Make sure you, your partner, and the coordinator are communicating to vendors that the wedding ceremony and reception are outdoors. They will need to get with their team to build a game plan in case any issues pop up. Here are a few issues your vendors may run into while setting up for your special day:


Rain is everybody’s number one problem on their wedding day because it can ruin so many things. It can make your food mushy and soggy. It can harm or completely damage the Austin weddingDJ, photo booth, photography, or videography equipment. Sometimes in Austin, Texas, it will just start pouring rain with no warning and some of the DJ and photo booth equipment is heavy and hard to move fast enough out of the rain.


The second issue your vendors may run into is the Austin heat. It can overheat the DJ and photo booth equipment. It can also overheat the cameras that your Austin wedding photographer and videographer use. Overheating technology can cause serious issues like fires or completely firing the motherboard inside of the equipment. This means your wedding may not go as smoothly as you dream it would. It can also cause some of your food to be warm or melt before you and your guest have a chance to taste it.


Lastly, we have to think of the bugs that live outside. Bees and flies are attracted to sugar. Wasps are attracted to flowering plants which is why they hang out at venues that have so many flowers. It is a common factor that people are allergic to bees and wasps. Communicating with your vendors will help them have a game plan to either staff those they know are not allergic to bees and wasps or have a game plan of how to protect their staff that is allergic in case they are stung.

Protect Your Guests

A wedding invitation makes it all feel so real. Showing your love to those you love the most is important, but you also want to ensure your guest is comfortable at your wedding. Here are a few ways you can help protect your guest:

  • Let them know that the wedding ceremony and reception will be held outside. This will prepare them to carry their favorite brand of sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Let them know that you will provide sunscreen and bug spray in case your guests forget to grab theirs before heading to the venue, beach, or whatever outside location you are holding your wedding.

Have a Light Menu

Texas heat and humidity can make people not be hungry because they are filled up on water, sweet tea, or other adult beverages. Serving a light menu will help your wallet and guest fill full but not too full to not want to boogie on the dancefloor. Austin, Texas weddings are known for having bbq buffets because it puts the mind at rest of brides and grooms. It gives the guest the right to dictate how much food is on their plate. It allows everyone to have decent or oversize portions of the foods they do like. Here are some amazing Austin, TX local bbq caterers:

  • Smokey Mo’s BBQ
  • Black Barbecue
  • Pok-e-jo’s

Make your outdoor wedding, your dream wedding with these tips and tricks. Communicate to everyone that will make this memorable. Protect your guests so they stay happy on your special day. Make sure your menu is light, easy, and affordable. Most of all, enjoy yourself because it is about you, your partner, and your love story.

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