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DIY Your Wedding Playlist or Hire a DJ? purple uplighting at wedding reception

DIY Your Wedding Playlist or Hire a DJ?


DIY or hire a DJ in Austin? This can be one of the most crucial decisions in your wedding planning process. Many admit to not even choosing to get married for the wedding ceremony, but for the crazy dance party that follows it. It’s possibly the one and only opportunity to witness all their conjoined loved ones in a big pile belting out Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, or nailing the electric slide. Whatever your jam, getting this right can make or break your future dance fest. So what’s right for you?

DIY Your Wedding Playlist or Hire a DJ?

Hiring a pro DJ

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional DJ is their ability to keep the audience engaged and enthusiastic. With their knowledge and expertise, they have the unique and charismatic ability to keep the dance floor jam-packed and will even add in games perfect for whatever the vibe. Not into cheesy games? You can actually hire a club DJ that does weddings on the side. These guys are no-nonsense and usually skip the games. They’re there for one thing and one thing only, to get people out of their chairs and keep them dancing all night long. A good quality DJ will also come overly prepared with a huge wedding reception playlist and they know how to add in filler wedding songs that guests will love.

The equipment quality that the DJ provides may also be hard to beat if you choose to go your own route. So, ensuring that your DJ has up-to-date equipment is important when choosing who to go with. Another reason to go with a pro is you’ll be saving a lot of time that would otherwise be spent curating your own playlist. If you have several other duties (which most bride/groom-to-be’s do), this can relieve some weight off your shoulders. Finally, if you do choose to DIY and an issue comes up with the equipment during the reception, it can take precious time away from your family and friends and even put a dent in the lively energy.

DIYing it

Wanting to put the control fully into your own hands? Then doing it yourself is the way to go! Arguably the biggest reason someone may choose to DIY is the freedom of choice. If you’re very serious about your music and you’ve got a great idea as to what you want to play, this is your better option. Keep in mind that you should shoot for at least 18 songs an hour for cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, and slower or winding downtime. You’ll also need to come up with songs for moments like the wedding party arrival, cake cutting, the first dance, father/daughter dance, etc. You’ll want to have these strategically organized and separated.

Another one of the most obvious reasons for DIY-ing is cutting costs. A good quality DJ can be expensive and some couples just don’t have the budget for it. You also may run up against the fact that your DJ is sick or has an emergency on your big day. Hey, things happen and you’ll want to keep this in mind. Having a plan B and making sure you’re hiring from a reputable company should ease your worries. Equipment is a big thing to think about if you’re DIYing. Making sure your speakers are loud enough to be heard and felt. Although, they don’t have to be a huge investment. Also making sure you have a backup plan can be a lifesaver. Are you opting for an iPod to play your wedding dance songs on? Have an iPhone onboard and ready to take over if a spill happens.

DIY or hire a DJ?

All and all, this decision really comes down to how much you want to dance and how serious your guests are about “gettin’ down”. If you have a small guest list who you know aren’t avid partiers, maybe save some money by doing it yourself or hiring an affordable DJ. Are you planning a wedding just to celebrate and dance your face off afterward? Build your own ultimate wedding playlist or hire the best DJ in town. Whatever you end up choosing, making sure it fits you and your partner’s personality (as well as your guest’s wants and needs) is more possible than ever.

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