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How Professional Wedding DJs Manage Song Requests

How Professional Wedding DJs Manage Song Requests 11.27.23

Requesting songs can notably elevate the wedding ambiance, yet there’s a skill to making song requests without interrupting the event’s rhythm. Grasping the dynamics of seeking a song from a wedding DJ and following specific etiquette standards ensures a seamless and pleasant experience for all participants.

do not play wedding songs

The Top “Do Not Play” Wedding Songs in Austin 1.14.23

If you are selecting a list of songs for your wedding, this indicates that you have probably completed all of the important planning steps and are now focusing on the fun details. Even though it’s your day and you probably have a lot of favorite songs, you should be careful with what you choose because […]

Austin DJ for my Wedding

Should I Get an Austin DJ for My Wedding? 12.7.22

Visual details take up so much planning effort that many couples forget about the importance of sound and entertainment on their big day. If you’re thinking, ‘Do I really need an Austin DJ for my wedding?’, then we have an honest answer for you!

Your Wedding Day Soundtrack in Austin, TX 6.28.22

It is important that you build a wedding soundtrack that is all about you and your partner. It will make the wedding feel more special because you two are sharing songs that brought you two together. A good soundtrack will set the mood you want for the big day. Here are some focus points you’ll […]

DIY Your Wedding Playlist or Hire a DJ? purple uplighting at wedding reception

DIY Your Wedding Playlist or Hire a DJ? 6.15.22

DIY or hire a DJ in Austin? This can be one of the most crucial decisions in your wedding planning process. Many admit to not even choosing to get married for the wedding ceremony, but for the crazy dance party that follows it. It’s possibly the one and only opportunity to witness all their conjoined […]

Wedding Desserts

Self-service Buffet or Plated Menu in Austin, TX 1.13.22

A wedding reception dinner can be a lot of pressure on couples tying the knot. Couples dreaming of a smooth dinner services worries about the allergies and preferences of their guest. They also have to think if they want a relaxed vibe of giving guest control over what they want to eat and how much […]

Music Genres to Complement Your Wedding Theme in Austin, TX

Music Genres to Complement Your Wedding Theme in Austin, TX 12.21.21

Just because your wedding venue is in Austin, TX doesn’t mean you have to play country music at your wedding. If your wedding theme doesn’t match country music, opt for a different music genre instead. Complete Weddings + Events DJs are well versed in all music genres and will accommodate all wedding themes no matter […]

Things To Avoid When It Comes to Your Wedding Music in Austin

Things To Avoid When It Comes to Your Wedding Music in Austin 4.26.21

While your professional DJ or band has the responsibility for entertaining your guests, there are some areas that the bride and groom can assist with to ensure that the soundtrack for their big day hits the right notes.  Here are a few easily avoidable wedding music challenges.

Choosing a Unique Song for Your Wedding Exit in Austin corporate event dj

Choosing a Unique Song for Your Wedding Exit in Austin 4.26.21

Couples are always looking for a unique way to end their wedding celebration and we are here to assist.  No matter how you and your fiancé choose to depart your wedding reception, you’ll want your soundtrack to have your signature on it. It’s been a day for the history books full of excitement and magic, […]

Plan a Winter Wedding in Austin

Plan a Winter Wedding in Austin 10.12.20

If you’re considering a winter wedding in Austin, then there are a few things you need to consider and factor into your plans. Thanks to the relatively warm weather that we enjoy in this part of the world, it’s certainly absolutely possible to plan a winter wedding here. But with that said, you should also […]

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