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The Beginning of a Journey Podcast Episode 1

The Beginning of a Journey


The Beginning of a Journey

A 140.6-mile journey. All under your own power. All in a span of hours. Who would decide to do that? My name is Kevin and I am going to lead you on a journey over the next several weeks discussing this story and hopefully tying that in with the wedding industry. I am the owner of Complete Weddings and Events and we provide extraordinary special event services that deliver joy for generations to come.

Yes, 140.6 miles is the distance of an Iron Man Triathlon and yes, I have subjected myself to that kind of journey over and over over the years and have become an accomplished amateur athlete and professional endurance coach during that time.

Long ago, when I was a child and let’s just say “on the short bus” athletically, that kind of journey was out of the question. Yet, I proved, most importantly to myself, but also to those around me what was possible. And on top of that, my first ever marathon, a 26.2-mile run, was in my Iron Man. The Great Floridian Triathlon in Ocala, Florida just outside of Clermont. I was inspired by a group of people that I was training with and my coach at the time to get outside my head and start believing in the impossible. Have you ever experienced that? Where those around you have doubt that is translated into yourself?

Iron Man Journey

Fast forward many, many moons, I am the pacesetter and a leader of a wonderful organization with incredibly talented people around me. The Iron Man journey and experience as an endurance coach and triathlon coach has really influenced me, not in so much a title, but an ability to dream, influence, and motivate those around me and now impact the lives of those we touch through weddings and events.

Complete Weddings + Events in Austin, TX

So, if you haven’t known of or you’re not familiar with Complete, we provide professional photographyvideographylightingcoordinationDJ services & photo booth rental of events services for events of all kinds all across Central Texas. My desire is to be known and to know with this expression of the podcast. I encourage you to dial in if you want to hear more about how an endurance coach and amateur triathlon athlete came to a place where he leads and influences an organization within the wedding industry. Especially during a challenging time in the midst of our current culture in the world, in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic and how we have chosen to thrive, not just survive in the midst of that.

Thank you for finding this. We look forward to sharing our story with you and why we do what we do. Talk to you next time.

Author: Kevin Paladino

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