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Believing in Yourself

Believe In Yourself


Believe In Yourself

Challenges Breed Greatness

I was 12 years old when I found myself sitting across from a doctor who told me I would never be an athlete and for sure I would never be a runner. Hey, this is Kevin again. Thanks for tuning in for episode 2, learning about a man who was an accomplished endurance athlete; Iron Man, marathons, ultra-marathons, turned into a wedding entrepreneur.

Yes, it is true. At 12 years old I found out that due to an accident I was in, falling off a water slide at 12 years old, I had damaged the growth plate in my femur of one of my legs to the point that my bone sopped growing in the femur and caused a leg length discrepancy of over one inch. But, that’s not the end of the story. I came to discover an ability, as I had mentioned before, to endure lots of discomforts and discovered a focus that allowed me to compete in Iron Man’s across North America.

Have you ever experienced someone telling you that you can’t do something? The damage to those words back then was devastating. They did a lot of mental things to me. There was a lot of doubt that it created, but again, that wasn’t the end of the story. I’ve been able to apply just that in my role as the President, Owner, and Chief Vision Guy at Complete Weddings and Events. I don’t like being told no, although that’s healthy [sometimes]; you shouldn’t jump off a bridge or a cliff, but I do believe that we can be challenged to do things that maybe others decide for us that maybe we shouldn’t attempt.

Discover New Things About Yourself

Throughout the short history in just over 7 years as an owner at Complete and an entrepreneur, I have found great joy in discovering new things and positioning ourselves to do even more. So, my encouragement for you today is to believe in the impossible and challenge yourself to dream. That’s not something you just wake up and do, you have to make a conscious effort. But, it does start with knowing yourself. I believed, or shall I say did not believe in my potential, in my youth. I struggled extremely in school and something that many people don’t even know about me; when I was in the second grade, I was held back due to my lack of reading skills that all stemmed from sever hearing disabilities I had as a child.

I had multiple tubes in my ears and I fell way behind and it stuck with me in my youth in the things that people would say to me about not being intelligent or not being smart. You can only hear that so much before you start to believe those lies. Additionally, I grew up in a home where I had three brothers, who I love dearly, that were naturally very good athletically, and again I struggled a lot trying to keep up with those guys. The lesson that I learned during that season, even though when I look back it was very brutal, was the lesson of perseverance. Sticking with things even though they may come easier to others is essential in learning how to operate in life.

Instant Gratification

I know in our culture the immediate gratification of things is what we’re all bent towards wanting, but I learned at an early age that that wasn’t my story. So, how could you, today, get out there and discover new things about yourself? Maybe things that you haven’t believed about yourself before and celebrate the small victories of the day. I encourage you each day to start with a victory that will encourage you to dream throughout the rest of the day. Never forget the potential that is within you. Again, this is Kevin with Complete Weddings and Events. Thank you for tuning in and stay tuned for episode 3 coming out next week in which we will dive into how we can live and thrive through the success and failures of life.

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Author: Kevin Paladino

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