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Unique Wedding Desserts

Unique Wedding Desserts 2.21.22

Do you and your fiancé like cake? If not, below are some ideas to think about for wedding day desserts. Even if you and your fiancé like cake, but are wanting something non-traditional there are many options to consider. In your opinion or your parents, it may be completely wrong to not have a wedding […]

5 Unique Wedding Traditions You’ve Never Heard Of

5 Wedding Traditions You’ve Never Heard Of 2.2.22

A wedding is filled with tons of wedding traditions that are standard. In fact, it might not feel quite like a wedding without them! From the bride wearing a white dress, to exchanging wedding vows in front of your family and friends, wedding traditions make the day so special and cherished. Today, it’s common for […]

2022 Wedding Dress Trends

2022 Wedding Dress Trends 1.27.22

Looking for some wedding dress inspiration for this following year? 2022 has so many exciting new trends that it’s bringing into the wedding industry. Whether you’re the bride looking to make a statement or to go the more traditional and timeless round. The following wedding dress trends can be custom-made to your personal taste. Now […]

Moments To Capture On Your Wedding Day

Moments To Capture On Your Wedding Day 1.10.22

It’s safe to say that your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. Your wedding day is filled with so many moments that should be captured. By having these moments captured, you can remember them for years to come. With our many years of working in the wedding industry, […]


Unique Processional & Recessional Songs 12.21.21

The processional is one of the best moments of a bride’s life. This moment is completely about her. Having music for the precessional is so important. Not only does it set the mood, but it sets the tone for the rest of the ceremony. As the Bride walks down the aisle all eyes are on […]

Wedding Moments

Top Wedding Moments that Should Present Music 12.14.21

There are several reasons to have music throughout the entire wedding day. Here are a few examples of these crucial moments, getting ready with your bridal party! Having music playing in the background as you are getting ready sets the tone for the day and boosts the energy in the room! Music is a wonderful […]

How to Pick Out an Engagement Ring

How to Pick Out an Engagement Ring 12.7.21

Picking out an engagement ring is a very special time. There are several different types of diamonds, jewels, cuts, and styles of rings. The opportunities are endless. How do you know when you pick out the right ring for your significant other? When picking out the ring there are a few things that you will […]

Wedding Photography Shot List

Wedding Photography Shot List 11.30.21

Photographers play a huge role in weddings. They have the opportunity to create photos that the bride and groom will look back on forever. These photos hold a lot of weight for the couple. There are a couple of ways to make the photographer’s life just a little bit easier on your wedding day. Create […]

How to prepare for a rainy day wedding

How to Prepare For a Rainy Day Wedding 11.23.21

Rainy day weddings happen more often than we think. Having a contingency plan for these unexpected rainy days is crucial for your wedding success. Even though it may be raining on your wedding day do not fret! Rain on your wedding day is actually a sign of good luck. When a couple gets married they […]

Planning A Wedding With No Local Family | St. Louis Couple

Planning A Wedding With No Local Family 11.9.21

While group travel may frighten some, others love the chance to bring their favorites together on an adventure in a fun destination! The idea of planning a wedding with no local family or friends may excite some and scare off others, but we’re here to let you know this can be a reality. Using the […]

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