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Wedding Day Accessories For The Groom


Wedding accessories are small details that can easily be forgotten. Without them, your wedding look can fall flat, incomplete, or lackluster. But, with the addition of the right tie, rings, or cufflinks, your outfit can take on its full life. Here are some wedding day accessories for the groom you may not want to skip out on.

The Ring

The groom is the man of the hour. It only makes sense that he has an accessory that deciphers him from everyone else. Okay, this one is a no-brainer. But it’s important to note because it’s the most important wedding day accessory of them all! Without the wedding band, the ceremony will be missing a vital piece. Make sure you purchase your wedding ring at least two to three months out from the big day!


Cufflinks are the perfect extra touch to a formal event. As the name suggests, cufflinks secure the cuffs on your dress shirt. The fun in them is that they can be customized to whatever you’d like! The groom can get their initials etched in them, or even in the shape of something that represents them. Something like a golf ball or dice. There is so much room for personalizing.

Ties + Bow Ties

Here is another classic example for a groom to consider for accessories. Ties, for lack of a better word, tie it all together! You can play with the pattern, texture, color, or all of the above to match the color palette of your wedding. Having a classic and modern wedding? Go for a classic black tie or bowtie. Going for a rustic theme? Try a tan patterned tie. Again, there is so much room for you to make it your own. If you want to go even more personalized, you could get a photo of you and your boo ironed on like this one from Etsy

Suspenders + Belts

Granted, belts aren’t something you’ll really see if your groom is wearing a classic suit. But the last thing you’d want is your pants on the ground! Suspenders are a perfect choice for weddings that are looking for a classic and almost vintage feel. They are also great if you plan on wearing a tuxedo. Sometimes grooms even ditch the suit jacket and let the suspenders take center stage. The same goes for regular belts. One rule to follow is to have your belt match the color of your shoes to avoid any clashing.


Last but not least – the boutonniere. These also go along with pocket squares. They are the final accessories for your groom. The boutonniere is another chance to tie back to your wedding theme. You could have the groom’s boutonniere be mini versions of your bouquets. Snap Dragon Studio and Belli Fiori are some great local floral shops to get your boutonniere from. The pocket squares also tend to match the tie.

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