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How To Choose a Wedding Photographer in St. Louis?


Choosing a wedding photographer can be one of the hardest decisions that engaged couples face. There are so many different styles and personalities to choose from, and that can be just on the first page of Google! St. Louis itself is home to a lot of fantastic photographers, Complete Weddings + Events included. When choosing a wedding photographer, one wants to make sure that the photographer will be there from the beginning of the engagement through that grand exit the night of the wedding. Here are some tips and tricks to choose the perfect photographer!

Tips & Tricks Choose a Wedding Photographer in St. Louis!

Find someone who matches your style AND your budget. 

That may seem hard, but it’s really not, especially with Complete! We showcase all of our photographers, their unique styles on our website, and our pricing is just right for any budget!

Have an engagement session!

Shy? Don’t like having your photo taken in general, let alone on one of the biggest days of your life? Ask for an engagement session! An engagement session is the perfect way to loosen up in front of the camera. What better way to get a feel for the vibe and workflow of your wedding photographer than scheduling an engagement session.  Our Complete Weddings + Events photographers have experience in working with couples who aren’t the most comfortable with posing, as well as those couples who have modeled their whole lives! The photographer is there to make you look fantastic and provide some stunning photos for your save-the-dates!

Ask questions! 

Have a lot of questions? Most likely your first engagement/wedding? No worries!  Whether you are just entering the planning process wide eyed or you’ve got all of your plans preprepared.  Here at Complete, our special event consultants are here for you morning, day, and night! (Okay maybe not at midnight, but we always respond back ASAP!) Our goal is to make sure you have all the information you need to choose the perfect wedding photographer!

Sit down with your photographer and plan your day of. 

More often than not, our photographers will be able to help you create a timeline for your wedding day.  This is where you can really refine all of your favorite photo styles and shot angles. This planning process ensures that every moment in front of the camera is a high quality shot and you will be So Happy when the prints come back. Once the timeline is finished, our Complete photographers will work with your other vendors the day of, to make sure that everything runs smoothly!


Leave the work to the photographer! Relax, laugh, have a drink, and celebrate with your friends and family! Our photographer is there to capture all the big and small moments, some that you don’t even see. We won’t let a moment go to waste while at your wedding!

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