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Peace + David Beach Resort Wedding

Peace + David • Lido Beach Resort Wedding


Peace and David chose the Lido Beach Resort for their wedding location which was the perfect choice. This beach resort has 300 feet of private beach which offer an effortlessly romantic setting for your big day. Gorgeous waves, a white sand beach, and a sunset while exchanging vows were perfect for Peace and David’s wedding.

The Ceremony

The Lido Beach Resort was such a magical setting for Peace and David’s special day. The altar was surrounded by floral arrangements and a beautiful backdrop that made this whole wedding perfect. I mean, look at that ocean view!

The Reception

The reception also took place at the Lido Beach Resort hotel and consisted of floral arrangements with white and gold decorations to match the aesthetic that they wanted: simple, yet gorgeous.

Wedding Testimonial

“​​I worked with Christine DeAngelis and she was a pure, sarcastic, hilarious dream! She was so good to me (the bride that did not tell her bridesmaids where to be and when until the last minute), and she even created a schedule for my day – which I do know for a fact that it isn’t something the photographer should do. She wrangled my groom and his men despite the secret shots I know they all were taking together into some legit cool pictures and had the empathy to understand that we all were jittery, nervous and lightened the mood while getting the job done. Myself and others at the wedding are all now planning to stalk her in hopes she will be our photographer again for literally any occasion when we can. Beautiful work, wonderful personality, and the patience of a saint in the sand. Thank you SO much, Christine!! You honestly were one of the highlights of my day!

Christopher Stewart was our DJ and he was sooo great to work with! He put up with my family requesting a million songs, kept the night moving swiftly and was fun on the mic during interactions with the crowd and the bridal table. When the party ran long, he was also accommodating to us well beyond what was expected. Wonderful service, great personality, I would definitely use him again! Thank you, Chris!” -Bride Peace

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