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should i get a dj for my wedding

Should I Get a DJ for My Wedding? 1.11.23

Visual details take up so much planning effort that many couples forget about the importance of sound and entertainment on their big day. There are so many costs and decisions that come with planning a wedding. As a result, it’s natural to question the status quo when going through the process. If you’re thinking, ‘Do […]

Line dancing at a wedding venue in Orlando, FL

The Top “Do Not Play” Wedding Songs 1.6.23

When you get to the moment in wedding planning when you start choosing a list of songs for your big day, it means that you’ve handled all the big planning parts and you’ve come to the fun details. So, congratulations are in order! You’re in the home stretch here! Coming up with a wedding playlist […]

Reception Songs Your Wedding DJ Should Play in 2022 and 2023

Reception Songs Your Wedding DJ Should Play in 2022 and 2023 10.21.22

So many couples go through the process (and in many cases struggle) of putting together a playlist for their wedding reception. It’s always good to have a general idea of the type of music you want to be played at your wedding at the very least. Of course, you’ll need to come up with the […]

songs your wedding dj should play at cocktail hour

Songs Your Wedding DJ Should Play at Cocktail Hour 8.22.22

Many couples have a hard time thinking of playlists or songs to play during dinner or cocktail hour. It can be hard to mentally visualize how the wedding will go and what vibe you want to put out through the music at each point in the evening. Granted, things can change pretty quickly during dinner […]

Wedding couple with sparkler exit sparks showing around camera lens

Advice for Creating Your Wedding Day Soundtrack 5.26.22

Music takes your wedding day to a completely different level. Especially when you hire a professional Orlando wedding DJ. There are so many options to choose from that at times it can feel overwhelming. We want to help you put together the perfect wedding soundtrack by giving some advice in this blog.

Grand exit black and white photo at Tavares Pavilion on the Lake

How to Create the Perfect Orlando Wedding 5.12.22

There is so much stress involved in the wedding planning process. It can certainly be overwhelming when looking through all of the wedding options available. Orlando provides some amazing choices when it comes to selecting your wedding vendors. However, the amount of choices can be a blessing and a curse. Here are some tips for […]

Top '90s/'00s Songs For The Reception!

Top ’90s/’00s Songs For The Reception! 2.15.22

Nothing beats a great wedding reception with tons of 90’s and 2000’s songs! After all, music hasn’t really been the same since right? After all these years nothing beats moving to Yeah! by Usher near the end of a wedding reception to celebrate the day. There are so many great songs coming from these decades. […]

What Your Orlando Wedding DJ Will Do Other Than Play Music

What Your Orlando Wedding DJ Will Do Other Than Play Music 1.27.22

Many couples have an idea that a wedding DJ is primarily there to play music and get people dancing. As that’s a HUGE part of their job at your wedding reception, there are many things your Orlando wedding DJ should have the ability to do in order to keep the reception going smoothly. In this […]

Wedding Love Songs

Top Love Songs for Your Wedding Playlist 11.30.21

Picking songs is always overlooked when it comes to planning your wedding. There are so many things to think about and plan. Therefore, thinking of the right love songs for walking down the aisle during the ceremony, your first dance, the anniversary dance, etc. gets lost in the mix. To help, we wanted to put […]

Wedding Reception Dances

Fun Group Wedding Reception Dances 10.14.21

Every wedding reception is so different but the majority of them still have a lot of similarities. Almost every wedding reception has a first dance, cake cutting, and open dance, and often times a lot of weddings play a few of the same songs during the open dance. Most of these songs that we end […]

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