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should i get a dj for my wedding

Should I Get a DJ for My Wedding?


Visual details take up so much planning effort that many couples forget about the importance of sound and entertainment on their big day. There are so many costs and decisions that come with planning a wedding. As a result, it’s natural to question the status quo when going through the process. If you’re thinking, ‘Do I really need an Orlando DJ for my wedding?’, then we have an honest answer for you! 

When does the Wedding DJ shine?

The reception dance party is usually when your DJ is the star, but there may be other times you need their services.

Before the wedding ceremony

Before you say “I Do” and kiss, the space full of empty seats should feel welcoming and pleasant for your guests. Music is a powerful way to set the mood. Your Orlando DJ will figure out what kind of music will work best for your friends and family on your wedding day to create the perfect pre-wedding ceremony mood!

While walking down the aisle

You can use the traditional wedding tune to blend with your special song and set the tone of your best day! However, it’s quite imperative that you have a professional DJ help with the timing, proper transitions, and microphone management of the officiant during the ceremony. The ceremony is not a time you want the sound to be cutting in and out or for the music to be played incorrectly in any way.

During cocktail hour

When you leave your guests to sip and mingle and go off with the photographer to shoot your portraits, you want the festive atmosphere to keep going even when you’re not there. It will help you leave everyone and enjoy a stress-free photo session with your photographer knowing that the cocktail hour is in good hands and that everyone will enjoy themselves while you’re gone.

During dinner

Many people don’t think about music during dinner and without the proper mood being set, it can be an awkward affair feeling more like an expensive dinner party rather than a wedding reception. Allowing your DJ to play music, release tables, and manage all of the details during dinner can allow you to relax and eat. Trust us, you don’t want to miss the food on your wedding day, it’s a long day after all!

Open Dance

The one time during the reception that most people think of the DJ first is maybe the most obvious reason you’ll need a DJ. However, what people don’t realize is that just music alone doesn’t really do it when it comes to getting your guests on the dance floor. You’ll need someone to filter song requests, make important announcements when necessary, and get the crowd involved. Without a professional DJ, you may see your guests duck out early!

What to Expect From Your Wedding DJ

Some people would ponder – Do I need a DJ for my wedding if I already have made a music playlist? Trust us; you don’t want to leave this job to YouTube or Spotify. The wedding DJ will not only plays the music you chose but also energize the crowd and maintain the vibe throughout the whole reception. Plus, just imagine the horror of the song buffering and an ad popping on during your first dance.

There is so much that a DJ does behind the scenes that won’t become apparent until you go through the process of planning and performing a wedding without them.

Hire an Orlando DJ

You might think – I won’t hire a DJ for my wedding, it is a small reception, and my father-in-law has enough party experience to take over the music. We’ve seen this scenario many times, and we know it is smarter to save on other items and expenses than to make a loved one do a duty that a professional could seamlessly provide.

You have to remember that the DJ does not only take over the music but also handles the emceeing and timeline management during the reception. Without a truly professional emcee, the wedding reception can go off the rails quickly so it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for your reception to be handled the right way!

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