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How to Create the Perfect Orlando Wedding


There is so much stress involved in the wedding planning process. It can certainly be overwhelming when looking through all of the wedding options available. Orlando provides some amazing choices when it comes to selecting your wedding vendors. However, the amount of choices can be a blessing and a curse. Here are some tips for easing the wedding planning stress and create a plan for the perfect Orlando wedding!

Plan What YOU Want

When planning your wedding it can be so easy to seek tons of advice, and you should! However, when seeking advice, you should approach every recommendation the same way you approach dinner recommendations from the internet. If it sounds good, go for it! However, if a piece of advice sounds like something you’re not excited about then don’t do it! It really should be as simple as that.

Many couples strive to please their friends and family with their wedding plans. In doing so they often times end up planning things that aren’t excited or enjoyable to them. To some couples, a Star Wars wedding on May 4th (Star Wars Day) is the absolute perfect wedding for them. However, planning a Star Wars wedding for someone who has never even seen the movie is a little pointless and they probably aren’t going to be thrilled with how it turns out. The last thing you should be doing on your wedding day is pleasing others.

List Out Ideas

Every couple is different in terms of preferences and taste. As you gather ideas online or through others it’s important to list out your favorite suggestions. Otherwise, you’ll easily forget what those around you suggest and you may let a gem of an idea slip away.

As you get closer to making decisions, delete the ideas that don’t come first until you’re left with a small number of ideas that you’re in love with. The goal is to let things marinate in your head over time until you’re able to be sure of an idea. Trust us, this method works wonders!

Keep Things Simple

With as many options you have living in Orlando, it can be overwhelming to narrow down which vendors you’d like to use. This all starts with finding the right venue. We have a very simple way of narrowing things down to find your favorite spot.

First, figure out what kind of venue you’d like (barn venue, vintage style, open and modern, etc.). Then, track down those styles in the Orlando area. This is actually much simpler than you’d think when you use the Wedding Venue Map website.The site allows you to select certain styles and search from there.

We highly recommend you decide on a venue style early to make this process that much easier for yourself.

Listen to the Experienced

There are so many people who are going to try their best to give you advice and steer you in certain directions. We think you need to take everything with a grain of salt. There can be so many opinions and, even though all may have a point, not all are best for you. However, it’s never going to hurt you to listen to those around you and at the very least consider what others are saying.

Instead, we highly recommend opening your ears to those who might be trying to give you advice. Oftentimes, they have something to say for a reason. Listen to those around you then think and consider their point before making any decisions.

Enjoy It All!

One of the hardest parts of planning your wedding (or even celebrating it at times) can be to slow yourself down and simply enjoy the process. The wedding lasts a day, but planning for the wedding is a long process. Typically wedding planning takes nine months or longer. No one day can be so amazing that it would cancel out nearly a year of stress. It can be hard sometimes when things get crazy but trust us, you will never regret enjoying the little moments during your planning!

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