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What Your Orlando Wedding DJ Will Do Other Than Play Music

What Your Orlando Wedding DJ Will Do Other Than Play Music


Many couples have an idea that a wedding DJ is primarily there to play music and get people dancing. As that’s a HUGE part of their job at your wedding reception, there are many things your Orlando wedding DJ should have the ability to do in order to keep the reception going smoothly. In this blog, we’ll outline everything that your wedding DJ will do and what you should be asking when trying to find the best DJ for you!

Top Things Your Orlando DJ Should Be Doing

Emceeing/Making Announcements

Make sure your wedding DJ is capable of is making announcements and emceeing. Without a DJ who can emcee, you may have confused guests who are unsure of what they should do next. The DJ emceeing and moving things along is what makes your wedding reception come to life. Imagine your wedding without any structure or announcements being made. That’s basically a nice dinner followed by some dancing. However, without emceeing, your guests are way less inclined to dance.

Getting People Involved and Engaged

Once the open dance starts you’re going to want a wedding DJ who can get people involved. Even if your family and friends are dancers this is a huge deal. Most weddings have extended family or old friends who are more likely to come to have dinner and then leave as soon as the dancing begins. If you have a DJ who is solely focused on playing music without ensuring that your guests are going to be on the dance floor for all of it then you’ll see your guest count disappear as soon as the catering takes the buffet away, it happens all too often. If your DJ is able to get guests on the dance floor, you’ll see many others join in and have a great time!

Help Coordinate Your Reception

It’s important that your DJ can help coordinate the reception, even if you do have a coordinator or planner. The DJ is going to have the mic in his hands during the reception. The DJ will help make certain announcements and get things rolling. For example, imagine the first dance being announced without the groom present. Or, imagine cake cutting while the photographer is off taking detail shots of the venue. At best, this will result in an awkward moment with guests scrambling to find the right people to join in. At worst it causes important photos to be missed and you only get one shot to capture these moments. Certainly, make sure your wedding DJ is going to communicate with other vendors to ensure things run smoothly on your wedding day.

Being Willing to Customize to Your Wedding Day

There are many talented DJs in the Central Florida area. These DJs can create impressive mixes and absolutely kill it at bars or clubs in the area. If you’re looking for a club DJ who is only going to play their sets then this section is not for you. However, if you’re looking to have input on your playlist, hear songs that you and your family love, or want the DJ to bring a specific vision to life then you’ll want to make sure that your DJ can customize what they do to your wedding day.

Of course, every one of our DJs will have their specialties and specific skills. However, it doesn’t mean much if we can’t tweak what we do to meet the wants of you and your family. The best wedding reception is one where you, your friends, and your family have an amazing time. In 10 years you’re going to want to remember yourself dancing all night to music you and your family love.

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