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Podcast: Budget & Finance Part 3 - How to Maximize It Milwaukee Micro Wedding

Podcast: Budget & Finance Part 3 – How to Maximize It


Current status: engaged and thrilled. You have the perfect life partner and plans for the big day. A vision of the perfect nuptials followed by an epic party fills your head. So does another thing: the cost. The result is stress.
This is the third of the 5 part finance series. We set the pool of money in the first part, the budget in the second, and now is time to maximize. Misty Kingsley joins to discuss places to save.

Podcast: Budget & Finance Part 3 – How to Maximize It

Where Not To Save

As counterintuitive as it may sound we actually start with where not to look for savings. Tara mentioned the selection of the top priorities when budgeting and Misty mentioned the same thing. The result is a consistent message: make sure to spend the money on the things important to you. Most couples view food and beverage, entertainment, and photo as the top three. This is common, but not hard and fast. Make to set YOUR top priorities, and the wedding day will be filled with max joy.

We do not recommend looking for cost savings on the top three services, but many couples do. The most common places couples often look to save our friends or family to play music and take pictures. The results can be mixed. One potential issue situation is if it is a member of the wedding party or a close family member. These people already have jobs including being present and focused on the festivities, and that is hard if they are working.

The Exceptions

Before we get into savings it is important to point out situations where saving on the top three can work. If there are friends or family that professionally perform these services, great!! It is well worth the conversation to see if they are willing to discount or gift. Please remember they are professionals and do not be surprised if they expect compensation for their services. Just avoid the close family members and the wedding party.

Spots to Save and Max the Budget

Finally, the subject at hand!!

Here are the places we recommend considering:

  • Venue – look for places that allow outside food and beverage. Many beautiful venues do.
  • Alcohol – maybe only host the beer and/or wine and go cash bar for mixed drinks. That’s still open bar.
  • Décor – this is a great DIY zone if you enjoy craft projects. It is also a great wedding party task, but be courteous and make sure they know well in advance.
  • Hair and Makeup – this is a great place to potentially use friends. It can be a great bonding time.
  • Details – think favors, robes, hangers, guest books, and wedding party gifts. Great DIY projects.
  • Photo Booth – instant cameras and hashtags may get the job done for you and your party.
  • Cake – consider a smaller cake for the cutting, and sheet cake or simple desserts for guests. This can save cost while adding variety and making the catering staff’s jobs easier.
  • Invitations – send the formal invites in the mail to older friends and family. Go digital for the younger.
  • Jewelry – don’t be afraid to get creative and buy the setting you want now and upgrade the stone later.

The most important thing is to have a plan upfront. Have conversations about the important things with your fiancé and the planning team as the budget is formed. Then have fun getting creative on all the details. The result: a fun day filled with a sense of teamwork and accomplishment.

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