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Planning a Summer Wedding in Milwaukee, WI? Keep Cool with this Tip!


Ah, the Midwest

There are very few things in the world better than a Midwest summer.  That, along with great family values and a laid-back pace of life, are the reasons most of us choose to plant our roots here.  A great summer consists of awesome community activities like festivals, fairs, and ballgames.  The best summers have plenty of wedding weekends that gather families and make lucky couples’ dreams come true.

Planning a Summer Wedding in Milwaukee, WI? Keep Cool with this Tip!

Beware of the Heat

However, summer and the Midwest bring a couple more things: heat and humidity.  Heat provides a  damper on what is otherwise a perfect day.  The good news is that we expect this and can plan accordingly to have measures in place.  Many couples are picking beautiful outdoor, rustic venues to highlight the Midwest charm.  This allows a magical escape from the technology-filled daily routine, but it does eliminate things like modern AC.  It is important to remember to have ample water available, and to stress the importance of hydration with your guests.

Beat the Heat

Fans are also a great way to help cool areas as well.  But sometimes the fan and bottle of cold water are simply not enough to do the trick.  This is especially true for those who are wearing long, elegant wedding dresses and layered, sharp tuxes or suits.  So, when your cool down needs that extra kick off the cliff here is a tried and true tip.

Follow these quick steps to stay cool when planning a summer wedding in Milwaukee, WI:

  1. As your bartender for a small cup of ice
  2. Grab a napkin or towel to clean up
  3. Hold an ice cube in each hand and clench your fist
  4. Hold an ice cube on each wrist
  5. Place an ice cube in the crease of your elbow and close
  6. Use the towel or napkin to wipe the excess water
  7. Get back to enjoying your big day as a cooler you!!

For a quick video demo:

Ice for the Win


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Author: Josh Kingsley

Photographer: Jillian Johnson

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