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What does a Kansas City Wedding DJ do?

What does a Kansas City Wedding DJ do?


What to expect from your Kansas City Wedding DJ – What all does a DJ do?

In such an extremely fast-paced and saturated industry, such as the wedding industry, you can expect each provider or vendor to offer many similar services to one another. What’s important to note is those that go significantly above and beyond. We thought it would be beneficial for you to know what a typical Kansas City wedding DJ is expected to do, on your big day. Fortunately, we are not TYPICAL DJs – so use this blog to compare our services and pricing, to others. We promise you’ll get more for your money if you do!


Before the big day;

  • Anywhere from 2-4 weeks before your big day, the DJ will reach out to you and schedule an in-person meeting (unless you’re only available by phone), to discuss some extremely pertinent details.
    1. The DJ will discuss the flow of your big day, from their arrival time all the way to their departure time. Literally EVERYthing in-between.
    2. The DJ should also help identify any special needs, sensitive family information or absolutely anything that could potentially create tension at your event (certain songs, anniversaries or anything that could incite animosity).
    3. Your DJ will confirm ALL of the information you shared on your “Planning Sheet” – Again, from start to finish.
    4. By this time, if you have hired a wedding coordinator, you may be thinking you now have two! It’s true!
  • Your DJ is entirely at your service and will make themselves available for any questions or concerns you may have leading up to the big day. This happens often and is entirely normal!
    1. We find that many couples or hosts come up with questions or concerns after the in-person meeting. No worries, we’ve got you covered! Just call or text us and we will make the adjustment. Your DJ should be VERY nimble.


On the big day;

  • Your DJ will show up approximately two hours early, to the venue. They will give themselves extra time to make sure their DJ system looks incredible, they’ll make sure it sounds just the same.
    1. The DJ will check in with the Venue Manager, any key personal and most likely, you!
    2. Top-notch DJ’s get set up extra early and then spend their time helping anywhere needed.
  • The Kansas City Wedding DJ will review the evening schedule (the same schedule you discussed weeks prior) with the Photographer, Photo Booth Operator, Coordinator and any other Key Players for the event.
  • The DJ will execute, at your pace, the schedule that was reviewed weeks prior.
    1. It’s important to note that most events do not directly follow a timeline. Not to say they cannot, but by being nimble and prepared, a DJ can work at the hosts pace, in or outside of the schedule. A talented DJ will do so in a way that makes the event even more enjoyable.
  • Your DJ is quite literally THE MOST versatile individual at your event, during the event itself. The most talented DJ’s, much like the DJ’s at Complete Weddings and Events KC, will go above and beyond in so many more ways than one.
    1. By clearing tables of dishes when your guests are through
    2. By refilling drinks for the head table, family and many of your friends.
    3. Keeping an extremely tenacious and watchful eye.
    4. Checking on you and your dearest, persistently throughout the event.
    5. By being ready for quite literally ANYthing you may need.


An Event DJ can play literally the largest part of your event. The DJ is 100% performing live, for any audience you can think of. They are familiar with being both proactive and reactive. We can very confidently assure you that a passionate DJ, solid communication between the two of you and an environment that suits your audience, is none other than – The recipe for a PERFECT event!

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