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Unique stories and stunning cinematic HD video are what event videography can offer to your next Kansas City event. At Complete Weddings + Events, our Wedding Videography Kansas City experts have trusted professionals who will take your event to the next level. We’re proud that our wedding videography services have been chosen by more brides than any other videography provider, and we can film any event! Whatever kind of videography in Kansas City you’re looking for, our team is equipped to do the job.  


Why Hire a Wedding Videographer in Kansas City?

Hosting an event is time-consuming, and it’s a given that the day will go too fast. It is impossible to remember and hold on to every detail of your event. The job of an event videographer is to capture both the big moments and the small ones during your event, so they’re not lost to time. Think of event photography and videography as complements: photographs are snapshots of moments, and videography is a time portal to take viewers back into the moment itself. Hear the laughter, see the dancing, watch the big award handoff, remember the first dance — videography lets you feel like you’re back at the event, reliving it! Our Kansas City videography team will provide an unmatched service for your next event: living memories.


How to Choose a Kansas City Videography Professional?

Great videographers are more than the impressive equipment they carry with them. Beyond the bells and whistles, they need talent and technique. Make time to get to know the work of a few Kansas City videography professionals before choosing which one to hire for your event. A good videographer should blend into the background of your event, discreetly capturing every moment. They should be present and attentive — both to the action, but also to you and your needs.

Look for a videographer who asks the right questions ahead of time: they should want to know where you want the video to focus, who to catch on film, and what mood or theme you want tying all of the footage together. Finally, this is not the time to hire your nephew — make sure you have a professional in Kansas City videography. Professionals will know how to work with other vendors, how to be discreet and polite, and most of all, how to get the best shot! The event videographers of Complete Weddings + Events know how to do just that, so you never have to worry about the results.


Why Work With Complete Weddings + Events in Kansas City

Complete Weddings + Events is dedicated to giving you the best possible videography services in Kansas City for your event. To that end, we have a menu of videography options that will satisfy your needs, and we’re always happy to discuss how we can make special requests happen if you have something in mind, not on this list!

  • Highlight wedding film footage.

The highlights of an event are all about the small moments as well as the big ones. We make sure that we capture them all, so you don’t forget the best moments of your event.

  • Vows and toast footage.

The jokes that get everyone laughing and the declarations of love that get the tears flowing are all moments that should never be forgotten. Our videographers know the best way to record these timeless moments so you can hold on to them forever.

  • Optional aerial drone footage.

There is nothing quite like a new angle to make a memory so much richer. That is what our videographers can do with drone footage.

  • Optional second videographer for your Kansas City wedding day.

We know how important your event is to you, and missing a moment is never an option. That is why we offer a second videographer option so that there will never be a lost moment.


Complete Weddings + Events focuses on making the wedding planning and building of your custom Kansas City videography plan easy and fun. All you need to do is contact us, and we will make sure you have a stunning event video that brings you back to this once in a lifetime moment. Need more help? We can also help you with all the other details of your day as well. We are here for you as you create the event of your dreams.


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"The videographer was a joy to have, and very sweet. She was always there to capture the moment, every time I looked up wondering if she had caught that, she did."

- Amanda J.

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