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Worst Wedding Traditions That You Should Make Sure to Avoid

The Worst Wedding Traditions That You CAN Avoid 8.4.20

There are PLENTY of old school traditions that you may feel like you have to do on your BIG DAY. You definitely don’t! Now, the more unique and different your Wedding Day is, the better! From having traditional style ceremonies to matching bridesmaid dresses, choose your own route. Check our list of the Worst wedding […]

Bridesmaid Duties You NEED To Know

Bridesmaid Duties You NEED To Know 6.17.20

Many bridesmaids are unaware of what their duties are. It’s much more than getting dolled up and taking pictures. Being a bridesmaid is the GREATEST support to the Bride. This is her BIG DAY! Anything you can do to help her will be incredibly appreciated. Check out our lists of Bridesmaid Duties you NEED to […]

Tips for a Kid Friendly Wedding in Kansas City

Tips for a Kid Friendly Wedding 5.16.20

Are you worried about having kids at your wedding? Don’t fret! We can help. Those little ones are full of energy and will need some things to do to keep busy during the reception. Check out our tips for a kid friendly wedding in Kansas City, MO! Tips for a Kid Friendly Wedding in Kansas […]

Kansas city Wedding Photo MUST Haves

Kansas City Wedding Photos MUST Haves 4.30.20

During wedding planning, all brides and grooms are trying to think of things they may have forgotten. One of the most commonly missed items on a Wedding To-Do list, is Kansas City Wedding Photos MUST Haves! Here are our take on the Top 25 photo essentials for your BIG day, moments to be treasured forever. […]

Quarantine Wedding Prep

Quarantine Wedding Prep 4.14.20

We know there are a million things you could be doing during the shelter in place orders. Get the jump on your rescheduled BIG day by knocking out these items before coming out of quarantine. Check out our ideas for Quarantine Wedding Prep! Quarantine Wedding Prep Ideas in Kansas City Contact Vendors First off, and […]

What does a Kansas City Wedding DJ do?

What does a Kansas City Wedding DJ do? 2.3.20

What to expect from your Kansas City Wedding DJ – What all does a DJ do? In such an extremely fast-paced and saturated industry, such as the wedding industry, you can expect each provider or vendor to offer many similar services to one another. What’s important to note is those that go significantly above and […]

Planning a Wedding

How to Start Planning a Wedding? 1.1.20

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You just got engaged! Now what? So many newly engaged couples ask us how to start planning a wedding. Wedding Planning can seem so intimidating, but our simple and clear steps will help you get there! How to Start Planning a Wedding? 1. Set Your Budget Find out who is contributing. Figure how much […]

Best Wedding Photography Tips

Best Wedding Photography Tips for Candid Photos of the Big Day 12.11.19

Learning a few best wedding photography tips can help the outcome of your candid wedding photos, and who doesn’t want the best possible photos? We’ve identified three traditional moments of a wedding day that typically make amazing in-the-moment wedding photos, but a little help from the bride and groom can go a long way. During […]

Kansas City Wedding Photographer Cost

How much does a Kansas City Wedding Photographer Cost? 12.6.19

With such a wide variety of wedding photographers in Kansas City, how are you supposed to know how much to budget for one? The costs of a wedding photographer can be underestimated, since most needing a wedding photographer have never hired one nor may they realize the level of skill needed to capture the the […]

How to Propose, Engagement Photoshoot

How to Propose 11.30.19

It’s almost that time! The majority of couples get engaged in December. Have you thought about how to propose? Check out our tips on how to propose! Let’s make this dream a reality. How to Propose? Before You Propose: Make sure you both have marriage on the brain! Ask her parents for permission. It’s traditional, […]

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