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Wedding Prices Are Up: How Can Couples Save Money?


As the world slowly starts to recover from the pandemic and loosen up restrictions, so has the wedding industry. Now more than ever, couples are looking forward to celebrating their love through weddings! With a busier wedding season, comes higher prices. Here are a few ways that couples can save money on their wedding day!

Save Money By Budgeting

It almost seems like a no-brainer. However, to save money, the first step is to budget for your wedding. Take your time to scout wedding prices in Kansas City and compare them to the quality of the service. Choose the top three wedding vendors you’re willing to splurge on, and you’re off to a great start.

Another tip in figuring out your wedding budget is figuring out how much you and your fiance can save up until the wedding. That way you know how much you can truly handle in the end.

Smaller Guest List

One of the simplest ways to save money for a wedding is in the first steps of wedding planning. Your guest list! It’s a lot easier than it may seem. First, start with the idea that you wouldn’t want to create a small list. You might find that your guest list is already small to start with. If not, that’s okay too! Now, look at your list and think about who you have on there.

Your guest list could be separated into three groups. Group one will contain the people you couldn’t imagine not being there on your wedding day. Group two is made up of non-wedding party friends as well as aunts, uncles, and cousins. Group three will have people you’re inviting because you feel like you have to, but honestly haven’t really talked to in years.  This may sound awful, but no one has to know but you and your fiance creating the list.

Now here is how you make that list shrink: send out your invitations in waves. The first wave is the first group. Once some of those guests RSVP and say they can’t make it, you start sending the second and third groups. A smaller guest list means a smaller venue, and fewer mouths to feed!

Smaller Wedding Party

Touching on the smaller guest list, this can also play into a smaller wedding party. Think about all of the wedding activities that include your wedding party. Bridesmaids’ proposals, the bachelorette party or bachelor party… and more.

With fewer people in your wedding party, the fewer expenses that will come with those. Save up on your wedding party gifts by shortening your list!

Joined Bachelor(ette) Parties

Speaking of bachelor(ette) parties, why not join them. If you’re lucky enough to have a wedding party that already gets along, take advantage of that and join your pre-wedding celebrations! The idea that they have to separate doesn’t have to stick.

When it comes to wedding traditions, a lot of things have wiggle room and can be customized towards what makes the most sense for you and your partner.

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