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First Steps After Getting Engaged • Kansas City Wedding Planning

First Steps After Getting Engaged • Kansas City Wedding Planning


Congratulations on your engagement! Pop the champagne, you’re getting married! Before diving headfirst into wedding planning, take a moment to savor this milestone. You’ve just said “yes” to forever with your favorite person—how amazing is that? Whether you’re still basking in the glow of the proposal or already envisioning your dream wedding, these first steps after getting engaged will set you on the right path. Let’s dive into the exciting journey of planning your wedding in Kansas City together!

Celebrate and Enjoy the Moment

Before diving into wedding planning, take time to celebrate with your partner. Enjoy the excitement and cherish this special moment. It’s a significant milestone, and you both deserve to bask in the joy of your engagement. Have a quiet dinner together or plan a small celebration with close family and friends. Relish in the love and excitement that this new chapter brings.

Announce Your Engagement

After savoring the initial joy, it’s time to announce your engagement. Start by sharing the news with close family and friends. Once your inner circle knows, feel free to make a public announcement on social media. This is a great way to share your happiness and excitement with a wider audience.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget is crucial for effective wedding planning. Discuss finances openly with your partner and any contributing family members. Determine a realistic budget that includes all potential expenses. Your budget will guide many decisions, from the venue to the number of guests. Make sure to include a contingency fund for unexpected costs. A well-planned budget helps keep your Kansas City wedding planning stress-free.

Choose a Date

Selecting a wedding date is a key step. Consider seasons, weather, and the availability of important guests. Choose a few potential dates and be flexible, especially if you’re eyeing popular venues or vendors. Once you have a date or a specific timeframe, you can move forward with more detailed planning.

Create a Guest List

Start by drafting a preliminary list of guests. This will help you understand the size of the venue you’ll need. Consider the type of wedding you want, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large celebration. Your guest list will impact your budget and venue options, so it’s important to get a rough idea early on.

Book Your Venue

Booking your venue is one of the most crucial steps in Kansas City wedding planning. Popular venues can be booked up to a year in advance. Start your search early and visit multiple locations. Consider factors like capacity, location, ambiance, and amenities included in the rental fee. Once you’ve found the perfect wedding venue, book it as soon as possible to secure your wedding date. Your venue sets the stage for your big day. Check out our recommended Kansas City vendors page for our industry partners.

Hire Key Vendors

Hiring key vendors early ensures you get the best services for your wedding day. Key vendors include a photographer, videographer, DJ, and a day-of-coordinator. These professionals play a significant role in capturing and enhancing your wedding experience. Meet with potential vendors to discuss your vision and needs.

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