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Music Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding in Indianapolis


Planning a wedding is stressful! It seems like it is one important decision after another. There are so many details to consider, options to choose from, and vendors to hire, just to name a few. Planning your music should be fun. Let’s face it that is the goal of hiring entertainment, FUN! That doesn’t mean it won’t require thought and time. Music is going to play an important role in your celebration overall. It helps set the mood, provides life/energy to the room, and gets your guests engaged in the event. You definitely do not want to overlook anything when it comes to selecting the right music to fit your wedding. Take a look at our Music Mistakes to Avoid when planning your wedding.


It’s an EVENT, not just a Reception

Most couples get laser-focused on selecting the music for their “dance” and forget to think about their wedding day as a whole. This should include your pre-ceremony, ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and dancing portions. You should be thinking of your big day as an event, not just a reception. Don’t forget to set the stage for your ceremony by including prelude music as your guests arrive for the celebration. I know what you’re thinking… “prelude” music sounds stuffy. It doesn’t have to be. There are so many options to choose from today that provide you with nice background music of current songs.

This background music should greet your guests approximately 30 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. It sets the tone and will serve as a signal to your guests when it is time to begin. The music selected for your ceremony should fit you and your soon-to-be spouses’ personalities. Are you along the lines of the more traditional couple? Do you want music that suits what you listen to on a regular basis? Will you opt for music that makes a statement or has sentimental value? Whatever you choose, make music for your ceremony a high priority.

Cocktail and dinner music is vital. Greeting your guests with silence to save a couple of bucks may have some negative effects on your event overall.  Cocktail music will help transition from the ceremony to a lighter energy. You will likely want to consider including some lighter music for your cocktail & dinner portion. Music that your guests will recognize and have fun with while socializing and eating the meal. Incorporating music during these non-dancing moments, limit the chances of creating a break in momentum and help create a flow for your night.

Your event will consist of many micro-events

Don’t limit your song selections to just the dance.  Think ahead about those important moments that exist within your event.  Each of these moments will allow you to customize your event to fit your personality and style, creating a fun and exciting environment for your guests.

  1. Wedding Party Grand Entrance
  2. Cake Cutting
  3. Spotlight Dances
  4. Tosses
  5. Special Sentimental Group Songs
  6. Final Send-Off

Only playing music you like

Everyone is looking forward to the dancing portion of your event, but, people have different tastes in music. Let’s be honest here, everyone has different skillsets when it comes to dancing. If you want a variety of guests to dance, you will likely need to expose them to a variety of music. It is your wedding and should include some personal favorites, but try to steer clear of those obscure tunes that only a few will recognize. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with some oldies to include your parents and their friends, as well as more modern music to get your friends out on the dance floor. Some keys to avoiding this pitfall include:

Consider that age demographic of your guests

You may love EDM or Classic Country, but, this won’t necessarily get the majority of your guests up on the dance floor during your reception.

Don’t make things too complicated

Avoid the feeling of I need to request every song that will be played during my event. (see next item)

Create a Do and Do Not Playlist

Go through your favorite songs together and create a list of those Must Play songs, as well as those absolutely Do Not Play tunes. Give this list to your professional, and leave it to them. Be careful to avoid micromanaging the process, that is why you hired them.

Remember to avoid questionable or possibly offensive lyrics

Most professionals will have clean versions of the most popular songs. You definitely do not want to offend your grandparents or parents that are there to celebrate with you.

Let guests have some input with requests

As long as requests don’t directly conflict with your Do Not Play list, these requests provide an excellent opportunity to include those that may only dance to one or two songs.

Don’t overlook slow dances

Too often our focus is on a killer party. The slower songs will give the dance floor an opportunity to shift, and the younger crowd a chance to grab a refreshing beverage. You may be surprised by the number of younger guests that will enjoy a strategically placed slow dance.

Hire a professional, Read Reviews, and Trust them to Do Their Job

You’ve hired a professional (hopefully after reading reviews and soliciting referrals) for their expertise and professionalism. Their goal is to please you and they want to give you the best party possible. It is wise to solicit their advice and trust their judgment. In most cases, they have been to many more weddings than you have.  They will likely be able to tell you which songs will be crowd-pleasers and which ones are likely to kill your dance floor. After hiring a pro, sit back and enjoy knowing you have done all you can to keep your guests entertained.


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