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Wedding Videographer Indianapolis

Wedding Videographer Indianapolis

Complete Wedding + Events Indianapolis videographers capture unique stories and film amazing weddings. We have been trusted by more Indiana brides than any other wedding videography companies in Indianapolis.

We take pride in our Indianapolis wedding videographer’s artistic storytelling skills and ability to capture the emotion of once-in-a-lifetime moments you’ll be able to cherish forever in vivid, high-definition video.

Do You Need a Wedding Videographer?

Let’s face it, planning a wedding is stressful. Hiring an experienced Indianapolis wedding videographer to document your day can reduce your stress levels dramatically. Video is so important as it captures and documents the biggest day of your life. Video captures the living, breathing emotion experienced on the day.

Real Complete Client Story

A recent Indianapolis bride-to-be hired Complete for multiple services, but, chose not to include videography in her initial package due to budget. The week before her big day, she contacted us to let us know that her grandfather unexpectedly suffered a stroke and would not be able to attend her big day. She was simply distraught that he was going to miss attending and she would miss seeing his reactions. After reviewing her options, she added videography with a rush to receive the final wedding film. Her wedding was on a Sunday, and we were able to provide the wedding video to her by the following Friday. After the fact, she called to let us know how much she appreciated our services, and that she was able to share the special moments of her day with her Grandfather via her video before his passing. 

Event and Wedding Videography Indianapolis, IN

At Complete Weddings + Events, we ask each couple to walk us through the first time they sit down to watch their video together, and what is it that they want to see. For some, it will be the looks on their own faces during their ceremony and reception.

Other couples want to see the reactions of their family and friends in attendance. While other couples want to see the details of the day that they would miss by not being able to be everywhere at once. However, in most cases, it is a perfect blend of those desires.

Customize Your Videography Package

We offer a variety of videography packages in Indianapolis that will allow you to tell us how to create the perfect video for you and your event

  • Highlight film footage

These are the best moments of your whole event. We make sure we shoot everything, including the small details, so you remember all the best moments to relive the sweetest story of your wedding day.

  • Vows and toast footage

From funny jokes to tears of emotion, nothing quite matches the moments that come when people speak from their hearts. These moments are the ones that can be easily forgotten in the bustle of the day. We are there to make sure these moments aren’t lost.

  • Aerial drone footage

With a view from the clouds, you can see your event from a whole new angle. Our videography team is equipped and ready to get you a bird’s eye view that you will love and make a statement in wedding videos.

  • Optional second videographer

If one videographer is good, two is better! A person can only be in one place at a time, but with two people capturing your event, you can be sure that you will never miss a moment!

  • Videography and Photography services

Event and wedding photography and videography all in one? Talk to a Complete Weddings + Events team member to learn more about our Indianapolis wedding videography and photography packages.

Multiple Services, One Company

Booking multiple services through one company can provide you with the highest quality finished product. Complete Weddings + Events thrives on excellent teamwork. Our Indianapolis photography and videography professionals work together frequently. They know each other’s styles and how to work together to achieve the best outcome for our clients. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to communicate effectively.

A team that knows each other, can anticipate what the other is going to need and do. This allows them to stay out of the photographer’s shot and play off each other’s strengths in order to capture and create the best possible finished product.

Complete Weddings + Events – Wedding Videographer Indianapolis

Your Complete Weddings + Events videographer is in your corner; they’ll be able to help you with anything you might need (even outside their videographer duties – things happen!), and they are there to make sure the day is as enjoyable and simple as possible!

Contact us today to discuss videography for your special event!

Do you need an Indianapolis wedding photographer too? Complete has you covered!

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"The videographer was a joy to have, and very sweet. She was always there to capture the moment, every time I looked up wondering if she had caught that, she did."

- Amanda J.

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