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Videography: a Wedding Essential


Today’s weddings are often a trimmed down version of what our parents and grandparents had. Which makes sense when you consider everything involved in an “old school wedding”. There are a lot of things falling by the wayside as bride and grooms look to have weddings that they themselves will actually enjoy. However, what things are worth cutting and what should you keep around?

Videography: a Wedding Essential

Trust us, we understand getting rid of that unnecessarily over priced cake, the venue that looks like a castle, and the three-thousand dollar jewelry that you’ll only wear for one day your entire life. However, one thing that unfairly gets the axe much more often than it should are wedding videos.

Wedding Videos

Wedding videos are unfortunately viewed as a wedding amenity when it should be looked at as a necessity! Many people often talk about their parents’ wedding video, and how it’s just on a VHS somewhere in a box not being used. We totally understand that this has happened with most people who got married before the digital age since technology progresses. However, today you’ll get your video digitally on a thumb drive and on the internet. This way, you’ll always be able to transfer it to a different file, send it to anyone, and keep it forever. Wedding videos have made great strides in being more compatible with today’s world and we know it’s essential to make your wedding video last forever, so we make sure that you will always have access to your video no matter how technology changes.

Relive the Moments

That being said, wedding videos (much like wedding pictures) offer a look back on the day of your wedding. Only, they do so in ways photos never could. Sitting down and watching your video is like being back on the day of, experiencing the ceremony, the toasts, the dancing, etc. all over again. Weddings go by in such a flash, but when you have that video, you’ll always be able to remember exactly how you felt on that big day!

If you were to talk to anyone within the last ten years and ask them what they regret not doing for their wedding, it’s always the fact that they didn’t do a video. It’ll be well worth your time to invest your money in something that you can have forever and will always be something you cherish.

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