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When Complete expanded its services beyond DJ and took on wedding video, photography, and photo booth, we hoped to be able to compete with skilled photographers and videographers, as well as high-end photo booth companies.

Best in the Wedding Industry

Many years later, we are lucky enough to have what we believe is the most talented group of videographers and photographers in the wedding industry. We can now confidently tell you that we believe our video, photo, and photo booth services are the best in the industry!

One-Stop Shop

With that, comes even more opportunity for you to take advantage of our “one stop shop” model! Not only because we have high quality services to offer, but because with these high quality services you’ll get a staff at your wedding that has worked together many times before! This experience as a team will make your wedding night run so much smoother. The photographer, DJ, and videographer will all have a timeline that they go off of in order to make the night go smoothly for you. However, that timeline doesn’t always match when all three services are from different companies. This can cause friction and things could go south at your wedding. When booking Complete for all three services, you’re guaranteed that all three services will run the show smoothly, leaving you with nothing to worry about!

Wedding Day Planning

We take pride in our photographers and videographers artistic talent, however, artistic talent doesn’t provide you with the night of your life. So, all of our services put a lot of stress on the planning process. Not on your end, but theirs! All Complete services plan thoroughly for your event prior to it! This way, they will all be prepared to run the show as smoothly as possible. All of our services want you to be driving away on the night of your wedding knowing that you just had the best wedding day of your life!

Experienced Professionals

Experience also plays a huge part in why booking multiple services with Complete. All of our services have seen it all, done it all in many ways! We’ve seen every type of wedding, every wedding mishap, every disaster and every successful wedding imaginable. So, our DJs, photographers, videographers, and photo booth operators are capable of dealing with any case scenario that may arise on your wedding day. We hope that your wedding is flawless and avoids any type of disaster, but that’s not exactly how things work, even on your wedding day. We have stories about gas leaks, dinner missing due to a catering error, and even a bride being hospitalized for a majority of the night. All of these things would have pretty much destroyed a wedding. However, we were able to turn all these nights around and save them! Yes, even when the bride was in the hospital most of the night we were able to salvage it! This is simply due to our experience and preparedness with such things. When booking all Complete services, you give your wedding a type of insurance that allows you to be prepared to have the night of your life, no matter WHAT happens!

There are so many reasons why booking multiple services with us is beneficial! Of course, we also give discounts for booking multiple services as well. So do yourself a favor and book us for your wedding! We’ll be prepared to give you the best wedding day you’ve always dreamed of.

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If you’re looking to tie the knot or throw an epic event, you have come to the right place. Complete Weddings + Events Fort Myers will help you find the right event or wedding DJ, wedding photographer, and videographer to throw a phenomenal party. Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers leading provider of event and wedding photography, videography, lighting, DJ services & photo booth rental.

Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers leading provider of event and wedding photography, videography, lighting, DJ services, coordination, & photo booth rental.

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