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Wedding Color of the Year, ‘Living Coral’


When Pantone announced Living Coral as their color of the year. I knew we’d be in for a dose of vibrancy in weddings and today’s slice of inspiration is centered just around that. In this article, we present five ideas on how to infuse this vibrant, happy hue into a modern wedding.

Color of the Year, ‘Living Coral’, in Your Modern Wedding

1. Wear it!

Make a statement by starting with the decision to wear a colored gown. This unique Elizabeth Dye wildfire gown was the perfect way to incorporate such a bold statement piece. Be sure to select simple accessories to allow the gown to take the full spotlight.

2.  Pair with analogous (adjacent) colors on the color wheel

Infusing the palette with colors that have a similar underlying tone with varied hues (like magenta, rose quartz, etc) helps to draw attention in a visually pleasing and exciting way.


3. Choose a neutral-colored venue

Select a venue that will allow the color to shine without being too busy. By creating focus around the features we admired most, we were able to blend our colorful vision for a modern event.

4. Set a baseline of decor with dark, light, and translucent elements

Combining architectural elements of various luster and matte finishes, the color can feel bold yet well-curated.

5. Choose florals that include preserved elements with minimal greenery

Balanced textures and unique pairings. Hints of unexpectedness help bring your overall concept up a few notches!

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