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Tasks your Wedding DJ can do besides playing Music


A wedding DJ controls all the mood and vibes of the event by himself. A wedding DJ is an essential part of the wedding because without a DJ, the wedding will just be a dull event, with no emotions and no fun.

This is the main reason to make sure when you are spending your money on a DJ, you make sure that the money is being well spent. And try not to go for the cheapest DJ, thinking that all they have to do is play songs for the event. If that was the case, anyone could be a wedding DJ and just play songs.

Following are some of the things that a Wedding DJ can and does do besides just playing music:

Make sure the wedding goes according to the plan

Even though your wedding planner has to make sure that the wedding goes just as you planned, the wedding DJ plays a vital role in it too.  The DJ knows how long a certain segment has to go and they make sure that everything that comes after that is already arranged and ready to go.   If there happen to be technical difficulties, the DJ will make sure that they announcement is made and the wedding goes on smoothly.

Organize the Sparkler Exit

The sparkler exit is something that everyone is waiting for the whole wedding because it is probably the most beautiful moment ever. Since it is so important, it has to be perfect in every way. The DJ when given the job to organize and manage the Sparkler Exit, they will make sure that everything that has to happen, happens perfectly.

The DJ will make sure which song feels great to be played in the background. In addition to that, the DJ will work with the photographers and the videographers to make sure they capture every little moment of it.

Other than all this, the lightings play an important role in the Sparkler Exit too and the DJ knows exactly where the light should be which will give the best moments to be captured. The DJ can make sure that the sparkler exit goes perfectly.


Organizing the wedding timeline

A DJ has the ability to organize the whole wedding and making sure that everything goes according to the timeline. They have the authority and the skills to make sure that everything that is decided and organized happens the exact same way. This way, no one would have to worry about anything getting skipped or something getting late because the DJ is responsible for everything that is involved. This makes the DJ an MVP.

Being an MC and hosting the wedding

The wedding DJ may be an important part of your wedding but the most important role the DJ plays is being the host or the emcee. The DJ has to make sure all the announcements being made are correct. MC-ing a wedding party demands a lot of confidence and enthusiasm in you and the DJ is the perfect person to do so because they have been doing that a lot and they know exactly how to keep the party going.

Playing the Games

Since the DJ is hosting your wedding party, they can organize everything else in the party too. And commonly, there are many games that can be played at the party. And the DJ can host those games as well. The shoe game, for example. The DJ can be the person that asks the questions from the bride and groom.

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