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Fort Lauderdale, FL

5-21 & 5-22 Mike & Aleena’s Live Streamed Wedding


Message to those attending virtually

We are really looking forward to “Tying the Knot” but we’re also deeply saddened by the circumstances that restrict so many of you from being here with us physically. The celebrations will be streamed live to share with you all and any updates will be posted here on our website.


Mikes & Leenz

Mike & Aleena’s Live Streamed Wedding

Our Story

Mike’s side of the story: “Once upon a time, a boy and a girl went to a cooler fete. Girl is introduced to the boy. The girl jumps over a cooler to try to talk to the boy. The boy heroically saves the girl from falling over cooler. Boy then accidentally spits gum in the girl’s hair but plucks it out just in time to quickly fling it into the crowd without the girl knowing. Boy and girl dance all night, then girl volunteers phone number to the boy, who was playing hard to get. Little did the girl know that boy was actually the one head over heels from the first hello…and the rest is history.”

Leenz’ side of the story: “I was dragged out of the house by my cousin Surisa to go to a party with the intention of being introduced to some guy. When we were introduced, the music was so loud that I had to move closer to hear him speak. He continued to talk to me all night and even respectfully gestured his hand toward me to ask to dance, like a true gentleman. From that moment, I was smitten! After dancing and talking all night, when it was time to leave, he hugged me but he was too shy to ask for my number so I politely volunteered it to him. On the way home that night, only a few minutes later, he texted me… I knew I had him smitten…and the rest is history.”

First date

Neither of us ate a single bite of our dinner because we could not stop talking all night. Then, the restaurant kicked us out with to-go boxes because we stayed until closing time! Mike has never talked that much since.


On January 3rd 2020, the night of his birthday, he surprised her with a big heart of rose petals ❤️ spread on the boardwalk of the St John’s River in Jacksonville Florida. Little did she know that her parents had also flown in from Trinidad just the night before and were overlooking from a balcony! To this day she claims that she knew what was coming but Mike is just relieved she said yes!

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