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5 Tips Only for JUST ENGAGED Couples


Congratulations on getting engaged! Now you can happily share your ‘just engaged’ status with the world. Once the initial happiness and tears of joy clear up, a ton of other emotions takes over you. It’s all good. You are not losing it at all. Going from dating to engaged and then to soon-to-be-married is a lot to take in. It’s a great feeling that overwhelms everyone. After you recover from that shock, take the next steps as listed in our guide below and everything will be fine.

Tips Only for JUST ENGAGED Couples in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Spend Time Together

We live in a world in which our first reaction to anything amazing in our lives is to put on Instagram. Some may also love the idea of putting a live proposal on social media. While all that sounds really great in the moment of overwhelming and adrenaline fueled happiness this is the moment that will never come back again. Don’t start calling people to tell them right after the proposal. Enjoy the time together for as long as you can. Talk to each other, laugh, pop a bottle of champagne and play games. Even cry together if you want. Just revel in that moment of happiness like it’s yours to treasure forever. You will be glad you did it.

Share with Family then Friends

Putting up a post with a sparkly engagement ring is something we all want to do when the time comes. But do wait before doing it as there are people who should know about it before others. They deserve to hear it from you. The family comes first because you don’t want anyone including your mom to find out about the engagement from a friend. Next, announce the good news to best friends. They should be the people who would shed happy tears with you. When you are done sharing it with the people you love the most, tell the social media family. Make it big and write in capitals ‘JUST ENGAGED!’

Get the Ring Resized

In case the ring doesn’t fit like a glove on the partner’s finger take it back to the jeweler. We know you would hate to take the ring back from them but it will be just for a few weeks. It might slip away from the finger if the size is too big. You don’t want to lose it do you? So, take care of the fitting as soon as possible.

Get the Ring Insured

Get the ring insured for the possibility of losing it. Insurance is the only way to get it replaced without getting a new one. This will also bring you some peace of mind.

Throw an Engagement Party

This is totally optional, but if you are really into it then call up the bridal party members and celebrate with them. If you are not sure who to invite, then just gather up your family and closest friends and have a blast!

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