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🤕 This Wedding Disaster is PAINFUL to React to 👀


Today, I’m going to be doing another reaction action video. This video is entitled This Wedding Disaster is Painful to Watch. Learn this lesson and it comes from the YouTube channel classic disc jockeys.

This Wedding Disaster is PAINFUL to React to

Hire a professional DJ instead

Why risk your special day to amateurs? This is very painful to watch. It seems a lot longer than six minutes long. But you got to stay with it. Even when it seems it can’t go any worse.


It does. Check out the two clips included in the video, completely unedited. To show you just how bad things went wrong, my friend from a company I’m not going to say found this video showing exactly what things can happen when the bride decides not to hire a professional DJ entertainer.


And I agree 100% if I didn’t put that disclaimer out there first. This is not legal advice. I’m just a guy that runs a company and I like reacting to videos like this. So put it all together and bang.


Here we go. Now making their grand appearance, Danielle and Bill, the new Mr. And Mrs. Palmer. So this is off the internet. Obviously, it’s a poor-quality video. Not my video, not the quality of videos that we put out.


But I do want to throw that disclaimer out there. The person looks like they’re the MC and they’re wearing jeans and I don’t know, some type of shirt with their sleeves rolled up. Anyway. Is that blue jeans?


I don’t know what that is. Anyway, linen jeans. Come on, man, stop that. Let me just can’t put a rug on and think it’s good. And I’ll try not to get any strikes on here with these songs that are being played here, so pretty sure I’m going to be getting a copyright warning for this song played.


Thank you, Black Eyed Peas, for helping this video. Let’s do it, let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s do it and do it and do it and do it and do it. They have chosen a special song that my husband and I are going to sing for their bridal dance.


After we’ve done the first verse, we’re going to ask the bridal party to join them on the dance floor. When we start the second verse, one. The thing that I try to always teach the people that are working with us, whether they come in with a ton of experience or they come in green, we make sure that they’re trained and ready to go before they go out.


And with the ones that have experience, then we put together pointers like this. As the MC was speaking, the music was playing. And in a room full of people, the sound gets a little bit muddled when you’re trying to talk over someone who’s singing or rapping or something like that.


So we train. Turn that music down. Hey, can you turn your music down, please? Because I’m having a really hard time. Sure, man. I’ll just turn right down. Sorry. And then speak. And then when you’re done speaking, you can bring the music back up.


But this one, you can tell there. She was talking right over there. Maybe people heard it, maybe they didn’t. And she’s giving them a lot of instructions. My husband and I are going to be singing during the first verse.


The bride and groom are going to be dancing, and after the first verse, we’re going to invite the wedding party out there, and after that, we’re going to invite the audience out. That’s a lot of stuff to be saying.


Over no, you know what I mean? It’s just like so much going on there. Bring the music down. Give your instructions. Played the song. Play the song. Dude, technical difficulties. Hold on. Oh, my gosh.


Play the song or do something else. And if you’re going to give instructions to your DJ husband, turn the mic off. Apologize. We had words to these songs and we were ready to do it for you. Find them.


So we’re just going to play the actual CD. Okay. Oh, my God. What? So let me just see if I got this right. You’re the MC lead singer. The very first task that you have to do is to sing the song while the bride and groom do their first dance.



And you don’t have the lyrics

I don’t know when this looks like an older video, so maybe they didn’t have Google on the phones, I’m not sure. But dude, be prepared. Like, when it’s time to play or to sing.


The song that you’re supposed to sing when you’re about to sing is not the time that you try to figure out where your lyrics are. You’d be ready to go for the guests, even walk in the door. You should have already practiced that.


We’re talking about practice. We’re talking about practice. But now we have the backup, which is going to be them playing the song. So at least they had a backup. Thank you for having a backup. Danielle, we found him.


Can we start it over again? What the hell did you just say? Can we start it over again? No, keep dancing. No, don’t start over. Covered up by the table no. Oh, my God. No, don’t start over. Just sing over the Oh, my God.


Why would you start it over? God. Why wouldn’t you just sink and sing over the top of the original version? It’s not even the same song is over now. Let’s just forget about it. I hope she can at least sing.


I hope she’s good at singing. I mean, east is terrible. It’s the same more in the same wedding. Okay. Are they there? Can you open your eyes? Are they there? You in the other room. Oh, my jeez. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.


Hurry the hell up. I’m not getting any younger. Dude, what do you do? We are going to get through. We’ve only got about a minute and 14 seconds left. We’re going to get through this, I promise you. You can see I’m very, very frustrated.


We’ll go over some things when this whole video is done. This is a horrible, horrible outcome for this wedding. Things could go worse, but that’s terrible. And then at least I will say this, I’ll give everybody here that’s mom, the mother and son dance, mom as bride, and the kudos for their patience, for them going with flow, I guess, is what I was trying to spit out.


Through the years. Kenny Rogers busts it up. It’s very dark over here and I can’t see anything. That’s your excuse. That’s the excuse. It’s dark. It’s too dark for me to do a good job, an adequate job.


Can’t even do anything adequate now. It’s not through the years. I mean, that was the song, right? Oh, my goodness. We’re going to talk about a couple and then it goes back to the same song, which is through the years.


Kenny Rogers I used to be like, this isn’t the song. I picked the other song, I can’t remember when you were in tears when I didn’t care. And the funny part is she actually played that song in this. Like I called it, I called it, I called it, I called it, I called it through the years.


Kenny Rogers busted up. I said it after like first four notes. And then she went and tried to find another song and then came back to the early years of Kenny Rogers. All that being said, I agree 100% with classic disc jockey.


Hire a professional. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, I received a phone call from a bride and the conversation started off something like this. I’m having my wedding at a venue that you’re a preferred vendor and my wedding is in two weeks.


My husband-to-be has a friend who’s a photographer and we hired him to do our wedding and I stopped her immediately. I said something went wrong with this photographer and that’s why you’re calling me.


I am so sorry that happened. I will make sure that from this point forward, you have nothing but a great experience. And she said, oh, my God. How did you know? Because you said you had a friend who was going to be doing your photography.


Not saying that you can’t have a friend who’s a professional wedding photographer, but typically when you have a friend who’s going to be hooking you up, then they’re going to drop the ball. She ended up hiring us.


We did the photography for her and literally, this just happened a couple of weeks ago. No lie. And she hired us. We did the photography. She called me the next day thanking me. That was amazing. Your photographer did a phenomenal job.


I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. And going to be purchasing an album for that friend of hers who dropped the ball. Thank you for doing that and shame on you for doing that as well. If you can’t live up to what they expect, then don’t hook them up.


This is going to be the end of my video. I think we all learned a lesson. Big shout out one more time to classic disc jockeys and that link will be in the description. My name is Damon with complete media.


I appreciate you rocking with your boy again. I am going to ask you to like subscribe and share this video. If anybody you know is planning a wedding, this video might help them out. I will see you on the next one.

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