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🎧⚖️ DJ Sued for Stealing Money 🕵️‍👮 Criminal Charges


I am doing a reaction to a news story where a DJ was SUED for STEALING money from the bride and groom, at the wedding.  You won’t believe how he was able to steal $5,000 while DJing the wedding. 

🎧⚖️ DJ Sued for Stealing Money 🕵️‍👮 Criminal Charges


This will be a reaction to this. So all you YouTube searchers and want to hit me with these copyright strikes, this is a news report but I’m reacting to it. So fair use. Fair use is the doctrine that states excerpts of copyrighted material may under certain circumstances be quoted verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching and research without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder.

So that means if you use copyright material for say a review or attire or education, it’s completely legal. And of course, as always hashtag not legal advice. I am not a lawyer. I am just a guy that runs a company that does photographyvideographylighting & DJ for weddings.

So I am not allowed to give you legal advice. I just want to give you my two cent and talk about my experiences. So let us check out this video. Just terrible. How could you do that? I’m not a normal and nice human being.

A couple robbed at their own wedding and they say the DJ is the one who took off with their cash. Now the DJ admits to sneaking off with that box stuffed with those cards filled with money. The newlyweds, though, say he stole more cash than he’s admitting.

Brenda Waters has more on what happened when both sides showed up in court. Wow, dude, I don’t even know where to begin. You stole so you have no credibility. So if the bride and groom, basically it can tally up everybody that went to the wedding and they can say, here’s what happened.

We experienced this DJ stealing from us. The DJ has admitted to stealing from us. The DJ has returned this money. But can you tell me how much money you gave me? And if the wedding party or I guess the wedding guest, everyone who gave a card or gave money says that they gave a certain amount, let’s say that the total amount was $5,000.

So after they added everything up, it would have been $5,000, but the DJ only gave them back $1,000. So when they go to court, who do you think that the judge is going to believe? Do you think that the judge is going to believe the person that’s already stolen, that is already not trustworthy?

Or do you think they’re going to trust the plaintiffs in this case, the bride and groom, who are saying that they have statements from their wedding guest and this is the figure that should be so that is just my two cent so far, but.

Why are you stealing from there? Dude? Like, get out of here, man. It’s your wedding day and the ceremony and the reception are here at the hall. The DJ is entertaining your guests with music, but he’s also stealing money.

And today the DJ met with the district judge and I’m wondering, I don’t know how this is going to handled. Obviously this is a civil matter. Again, hashtag not legal advice, but this is a civil matter.

The bride and groom were a victim of larceny basically from the DJ. So they’re suing for restitution, meaning getting their money back, but depending on the amount, they can actually be charged with a crime and be sentenced.

So I don’t know what’s going to happen with this one after the fact, like if they get it on record. Because right now the DJ, I don’t know if he has an affidavit or if they did any depositions or anything like that, but if it’s not on record, it will be on record in the court.

And once it’s on record, then the district attorney or the police, I guess, or the state’s attorney, they can then charge him with a crime after the fact because he’s already admitted on record that he did steal the money.

So this is going to be very interesting. Again, hashtag not legal advice, just a guy. This is 38 year old Edward McCarthy. He admits to stealing money from Jeremy, by the way, on day back on July 29, he told state police he was financially strapped.

You’re financially strapped, so you decided to steal some money from people that trusted you. Oh, that makes sense. Hell out of here, busta. I was financially strapped. It. Trash. He was financially strapped and stole $600 from the bridal gift box where guests had dropped their cards.

He said he threw the cards away, so we won’t even get those back. How much would you say he took, approximately? It’s around $5,000. It I said it. I said it. I said five grand. I said five grand? Like who.

Come on, dude. I don’t know how many guests were at the wedding, but if you say you took $600, most people, when they go to a wedding and they give a card with money in it, it’s going to be roughly $50 or $100 or more.

So you stole all the cards and you came up with $600? Yeah. I’m not buying it either. So we’ll say allegedly it would be $5,000. However, I’m not buying that it was $600. Not buying it could be true.

I could be wrong, but it seems more likely than not. There we go. So let’s check this out. So just a lot more than 600. This is how the couple says things went down the day of their wedding. He took the box.

He took the box and put it behind his DJ booth. And we didn’t know that he had it back there because I wasn’t really paying attention to him. I was with my guests and enjoying my wedding, and people were telling me now that they had to give him their cards to give, and he was putting them in the box, and I didn’t know that he probably put them.

In his bag after the wow, that is ballsy. I understand that criminals aren’t that bright, but according to what they said, allegedly, the DJ took. The card box. I was thinking, like, how can he take this card box and put it behind the DJ booth and hide it?

No, he wasn’t hiding it. He took the card box and like, BAM. Card box right here. Give me your cards. I’ll put them in the card box. That’s basically what they’re saying happened. That is ballsy, dude.

Because then they’re like, hey, what happened to the cards? I don’t know. I gave it to the DJ. Like, dude, are you wow. How did you not think you were going to get caught? Preliminary hearing. McCarthy nor his attorney had anything to say, but this is what the carousels want to see happen.

I just hope that we get our money back and he never gets to DJ again. I just want to put a new roof on my house. It was going to that either a deck or a roof, and we need a roof back. McCarty Whip I guess every hearing here today, he has a formal arraignment.

November eighth. McCarthy wait, a hearing here today, he has a formal arraignment, November eighth. Brenda Waters, KDKA TV News interesting part is that they said that he has a formal arraignment coming up as well.

So they did formally charge him with theft or larceny or something along those lines. So that is very interesting. I’m really curious about what happened in this case, both civilly and criminally. I want to know exactly what they did with this DJ and if they got their money back and what they found 24 hours later.

All right, so what I decided to do, I paused this video for a second so that can do a little bit of research. I was hoping I could come out with a part two of this video, but I guess there’s literally nothing.

And it’s crazy because I scoured the Internet. Of course I can do a ton of research and reach out to the court in Pennsylvania. And see exactly what happened. Do a FOIA request and all that, but that’s honestly a lot of work I don’t want to do.

So I don’t have an update on this at all. I thought I would be able to do that, but no, that’s definitely not the case. What I did find out, though, which is very interesting as going through this, was that if you remember, allegedly, this DJ said that, um, stole $600.

So he was actually charged with theft and possessing stolen goods, I guess is what allegedly he was charged with. And as far as what he says he took was, he said he took $600. And then again, in my research, what I found out is there were 150 guests, and this DJ took the card box and put it back behind him.

And and they and said that he only got, you know, $650 or $600, but the bride said she only received twelve cards. Out of 150 guests, she only received twelve cards, and he’s claiming that she only got 650 or he only got $600.

So that’s just again, it smells very fishy. Because it is very fishy. I wish I could give you an update. I even looked for his mugshot. I looked for court documents online. It was from 2017, back in August, when this, I guess, was filed, and when he was allegedly arrested.

But I couldn’t find anything after that. There’s a lot of sources that covered this initial story, but then zero follow up. So, unfortunately, that’s all I got. But I will say, shame on you for allegedly stealing this couple’s money.

Shame on. Also, there is zero reason, zero, zero reason that a DJ should ever, ever touch your card box. There’s literally no reason. I’ve had clients come up to our DJs and say, hey, where can we put this card?

And the DJ will say, over there. Go this way, go that way. But they’re not going to say, hey, let me make it easy for you and put the card box by the DJ table, DJ booth. If you do that, then even if you’re not taking money, it seems suspect and you’re going to open yourself up to the perception of dishonesty.

So just kind of, I guess, free advice out there.  I appreciate you guys coming out and rocking with me one more time. My name is Damon with complete media. Remember, hashtag not legal advice.

I am just the A guy. I am not a lawyer.

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