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⚰️ Groom Dies 👰 Bride Sues 👨‍⚖️


The description in this video says that the plaintiff’s fiance passed away six days before the wedding. She is now suing the wedding planner for a refund. The defendant feels awful about what happened to the plaintiff but says that she has a no-refund policy, therefore she owes nothing.

Yeah, this one is really, really sticky. And there are a lot of things that happen. Life happens. And as a wedding vendor, we do feel empathy for our clients first. This planner, it’s six days before the wedding, so this planner probably put in a lot of work on this wedding.

⚰️ Groom Dies 👰 Bride Sues 👨‍⚖️

It’s that’s not the planner’s fault. It’s similar to if you’re purchasing a house and you have this dual income and you bought this house and then you have a spouse that passes away because the spouse passed away and you don’t have that income that’s not on the mortgage company, and they’re not going to say, well, I’m sorry, we’ll go ahead and let you out of this contract.


So it’s similar in those regards. So, again, I know we’re going to have people are commenting about this, and if you feel very strongly, we can have a discussion. Go ahead and reach out to me. I will always put all my information in the description so you can always reach out to me and we can have a discussion about this.


Hopefully nothing like this happens to anybody. But this is one of the extremes. I am going to give a prediction that unless this defendant, who is the wedding planner, unless this defendant does or says something that upsets Judge Mathis, or unless they meaning the defendant, meaning the wedding planner, unless they breached the contract, then they are not going to be liable to refund the money.


That is my hypothesis. That is my prediction. But let’s check it out and see exactly what happens. Plaintiff Nikita Davis says after she got out of an abusive relationship, she met the man of her dreams.

What Happened?

Nikita claims they got engaged, and she paid the defendant to plan their wedding. Perfect. But six days before their nuptials, he suddenly passed away. The defendant refuses to refund Nikita’s money, so she’s suing.


Defendant Shantay Walden says working with Nikita was not always easy. Well, I mean, you’re planning a wedding, dude. Appointments. And didn’t always keep up with their payment plan. Shantay feels awful about what happened to Nikita’s fiance but says she has a no-refund policy and therefore owes Nikita nothing.


And I’m still all right, I get it. This court is now no refund policy. It is written right there on the contract. Now, also, you have to have a contract. So let’s see if she has a contract. I’ve said it before.


Say it again. Always. Always. Even if you are doing it for free, always have a signed contract. I met with one wedding coordinator. Doesn’t matter. Shorter. I met with her. She passed at the same venue.


What? And then that’s when I met Shantay, when they introduced me to another wedding coordinator. Okay. And I went from planning a wedding to planning a funeral within six days because my fiance died on June 23.


Sorry to hear that. She said everything is nonrefundable. That’s all she said? Is it non-refundable? She didn’t give you an explanation? She told me that all the vendors were paid in full. I paid her the final payment on June 22.


Okay, when she was in how much did you pay her on June 22? I paid a total of $900 at that time. What are the other payment dates? June 22. What are the other dates? It was one payment of $1,500 per deposit.


What month? And that was in January. So January to June. Okay. And she didn’t do any work. Again, I feel sorry, but you did. Work with a check in the amount of $1000 that was paid. Okay. Now we’re at on May 26, then the last made in June, and that.


There was a total of 900 in June. Was 1800 in June by itself. Nikita, first, I do want to again offer my condolences to you for the loss of Walter. As I stated in my text message, I actually like Walter, my tenure in doing this for eleven years, he was one of the grooms that I actually did like.


I think it was a cool wow. So do you like any of the. Other grooms, was introduced to Nikita in February at the venue that I do services for. The previous wedding planner that she had contracted for her event had passed.


Actually, the initial payment of the 1500 was not paid to me. It was paid to that coordinator at that point in time, from me meeting with her from February on up until June, I worked with her to put together a package for her that was affordable, that was for her price.


Okay. My process of dealing with her at times was difficult because she did make appointments for tastings and things like that that she didn’t show up to. She didn’t keep in line with the scheduled payment arrangement, so I had to redo appointments for her to accommodate her.


Is the payment schedule she stated reflective of what? Actually well she already said that exactly the 1500 the 1500 is not paid to her so you have to go after the estate of the prior wedding planner.


So she’s coming in already discounted because that 1500 that was supposed to go to her did not go to her she has none of that money at all. So that went to the other wedding planner and so you already deduct that we’re at 4800 -1500 so now we’re at 1300 right and so that’s where we should start looking that she paid.


In January was paid under contract to the previous planner. She did not pay that directly to me. I was introduced to her. That was for someone else glenda the other person. Okay, yeah, but she didn’t benefit for that.


Exactly. I can’t give you credit for paying her that 1500 because she had nothing to do with that. Exactly. Why wouldn’t you want to refund in this she did work circumstances. I do understand. Again, I was still trying to be compassionate given what had happened, and I do understand.


Unfortunately, in this business, because we are vendors, a lot of us are small business owners. When we block off a date for a specific client, we can’t market that date to another client exactly six days before that’s the date that we have blocked off for that client.


The vendors that I work with also offer a no refund. Policy now, you can get credit towards another event. If you need to move the event or use it for some other type of event, say, for instance with the.


Photography, just say, I did work. I worked that’s fine. But because we lose business and we can’t market it to someone else, then that’s why the policy states no refund. What she said is not 100% accurate.


Huh? It is 100% accurate. It is 100% accurate. I want to keep saying this so that I don’t come off unsympathetic. I really feel bad. What happened to her, I can only imagine, actually, I can’t imagine six days before the wedding, you meet the love of your life, and then you plan on getting married.


And then six days before they pass away. I can’t even imagine it. But what the plan? Her said is 100% true. We have clients that book us a year out, and we turn away business. Like she said, she’s a small business owner.


She is basically a one woman show. The planner here, Chante, she’s a one woman show, and she was contracted, and she keeps forgetting to say that she did work. It’s not like she didn’t do any work. The day of the wedding is where everything comes to fruition.


But she already said she was scheduling tastings. She was meeting with the vendor. She was getting all this stuff scheduled. That’s work. And the wedding day is kind of the final day of all the work.


So that’s number one. Say it shantay. I worked I worked for six, seven, 8910 twelve months, whatever it was, I worked that’s number one. Number two is that day. I think she said June 29. On June 29, I can’t do another wedding.


It’s six days before the wedding. Who is going to reach out to a wedding planner six days before their wedding and say, hey, I’m looking for a wedding planner. Can I hire you? It just doesn’t happen that way.


People book 6812 months out in advance. So I did just want to stop here because I know she’s upset, and I get that. But that’s what the planner said is 100% true. That is how it works. What she’s saying is not 100% accurate.


She gave me a list of all these things that they said they were going to promise me. Food, cakes, limo, hotels. Only thing I have that I knew was canceled was the hotel, because I called them pacifically, and it was canceled.


So they didn’t even get the money for that. The venue that she’s supposed to have paid, they never received the. You’re saying all these things. What proof do you have? You could say that the venue never even met this person, but what proof do you have?


Do you have an affidavit? Do you have a text message? Do you have an email from this venue stating anything that you’re saying? Four. So she tells me all these venues were paid, but they were not paid out.


But she never called me. She never offered anything. Was she offered what I have in Texas? She told me I could use the facility for 4 hours, but if I want food or any venues, I had to pay for it myself because everything was canceled.


First of all, the no refund policy is reasonable. And so, yes, you mark that date off the calendar and nobody else can see it, and that’s the only money you’re dependent on. And all her vendors, that’s the same thing with them.


The other days that you may have wanted, they probably had booked doing other things. Now, I think you sound like you have a question of whether she was considerate. And what I just heard, she was considerate enough to get the venue, but not the vendors.


Do you think she intentionally didn’t want to get the vendors? No, she wanted to it’s like she wanted to help you on that, but she can’t make the vendors adjust their calendar and lose money. There was something you were going to show me about?


You paid the owner of the venue 1500 for the services s under the previous planner. She even gave me an itemized list of everything that I owe, and I had it. Here’s a copy of what was paid out to the owners okay.


From you. And there’s two checks to them for 750. Okay. Christmas CMP. But what is that for though? I mean that could be to anything. Does it say for planner to wedding company Shantay? Who is that? That’s not the name of my business.


Who is Wedding Company? Shantay. That’s from the text messages I screenshot off my phone. Who is that person? That’s her. Because she I’ve only received one check from them. The other two payments were what was.


The name of the other company? They were the same company. She said she’s not a part of. That company where she might be. No, we’re talking wedding company Shantay. Don’t say it’s your company at all.


I met her in February. So the January payment she couldn’t have given to me if she just stated that she met me. Didn’t you meet her in February? I met her in February. Those are screenshot text messages with her name on the top of it.


She told me when I met her. Where’s her name? Ma’am? I put it as wedding coordinator Shantay. But where’s the Shantay come from? That’s her name. Shantay is my middle name. So why do you act like you never heard of the word no?


When you say wedding, you know what I was talking about. You know I’m asking about Shantay and you being deceptive. What? No. Yes. I’m going to conclude that there’s a theory in the law called of God and contracts are avoidable.


When there’s an act of God. If you got a club booked to have a club party that night and there’s an earthquake then it’s impossible to fulfill that contract. In this case, it is possible for you to have fulfilled that contract.


Your claim is granted. Have a good day. I told you. I told you. Told. I said it in the beginning. I said it in the beginning of this video. I am going to give a prediction that unless this defendant, who is the wedding planner unless this defendant does something or says something that upsets Judge Mathis, or unless they meaning the defendant, meaning the wedding planner, unless they breached the contract, then they are not going to be liable to refund the money.


God, this pisses me off. Just pisses me off. Okay, here we go. All right. My conclusion she was winning that case until she said, I don’t know what this Shantae thing is. And really the way it was explaining, I understand where judge Mathis was coming from.


Like, he’s saying you’re being deceptive, but she’s like, wedding planner Shantae. That’s what she wrote at the top of the sounded like know on your phone when you write, you can write one day wheelchair.


Who’s she? Denise handicapped. You could write anything in there and then do a screenshot of the check. Like, here’s a check that I sent. She already said in February, so how could you be liable for that $1,500 when you weren’t paid for it?


All right, so anyway, it I want you to say I’m angry. It’s okay. I love myself. wooza. I don’t know what the you’re talking about. Yes, you do know what the I’m talking about. Going to go back here. I said in the beginning of this video, in longer version, that it’s the defendant’s case.


To lose. As long as you don’t do anything to piss off Judge Mathis, then you’re going to win this case. You saw his demeanor. He was like, yeah, it’s reasonable. These vendors. It’s reasonable, it’s reasonable, it’s reasonable.


And then he asked the question. He’s like, what is this Shantay thing? And she’s like, that’s my middle name. That’s not even my company name. I’ve never seen that. Show me what you’re talking about.


And he’s like, you’re being deceptive. You lose. Offended loses. Plaintiff wins. Give her all the money. And if she would have not pissed him off, I don’t know how that’s possible, because if she would have just said, like, hey, I never got this money in February.


Let me see what you’re talking about. I don’t even know what that is. Let me see. She’s bringing this into evidence, and I don’t even know what this evidence is. And she didn’t do that. She was just like, that’s not my company name.


And he’s like, Who’s Shantay? He’s like, well, that’s my middle name. Oh, okay. So then you’re kind of being a little shady. So since I don’t trust you and since I feel bad for the plaintiff, you lose, plaintiff gets all the money.


There it is. It wasn’t like all the work she was going to do was on June 29. She was working june 22 june 15 june 7 june 1 may 20 may 14 may 1 like, she’s doing all this work to plan this wedding, and basically, Judge Matthews is like, whatever, get rid of it all.


And like I said, if she hadn’t pissed him off, then everything would have been fine. But she pissed him off, so there you go. I am sure, 100% sure that I am going to hear some things in the comments, and that’s completely fine.


I get it!

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