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How To Trim Your Wedding Guest List

How To Trim Your Wedding Guest List 10.31.22

A wedding guest list directly reflects the size of your venue, how much money you spend, and the intimacy of your ceremony. Start with a guest list when it comes to wedding planning. However, big families, social butterflies, and overbearing parents cause complications in creating a reasonably sized list. Even a wedding that is intended […]

Music Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

Music Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding 10.22.22

Today is the big day and, there are a million things that need to be completed.  And YES! Music is one of them. Planning the music is one of the easiest jobs right?  Wrong!  There’s more to wedding music than just picking your favorite songs from a playlist. Consider the mood, theme, and even the […]

Why Picking Your Wedding Photographer in Fort Lauderdale Matters

Why Picking Your Wedding Photographer Matters 10.13.22

Congratulations—you are getting married!  Your partner—excuse us, fiancé(e)—has proposed and you said yes! Now the planning starts. One of the very first things you need to be thinking about is your wedding photographer in Fort Lauderdale. Before you just pick the first local wedding photographer you see online, let us tell you why this choice […]

DJ T-Willy

DJ T-Willy 9.26.22

Taheem a.k.a. T-Willy was born and raised in Broward county FL. His father, being a keyboardist, introduced Taheem to musicianship and live audio at a very young age. “I was playing drums by the age of 5, keyboard by the age of 7, and composing songs by the age of 9. But I always took […]

Best Wines to Serve At Your Wedding

Best Wines to Serve At Your Wedding 9.17.22

Are you looking for the perfect wines to serve at your wedding? Look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best wines to choose from for your big day. We will talk about reds, whites, and sparkling wines, and provide you with a few recommendations for each. Whether you are […]

Advice For Creating Your Wedding Day Soundtrack

Advice For Creating Your Wedding Day Soundtrack 9.8.22

Every good romantic comedy has a soundtrack, and your wedding day should be no different. It should be as evocative as the film’s soundtrack. Are you trying to decide the music to play during the wedding ceremony and reception?  It may appear simple at first glance (you’ll just play songs you like), but how do […]

Engagement Session Do's and Don'ts

Engagement Session Do’s and Don’ts 8.29.22

Complete Weddings + Events is a professional photography company in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We shoot about 50 engagement sessions a year. As you get ready for your engagement session, take a minute to look at some tips for a successful session and beautiful pictures. Here are some tips that I share with my clients before […]

La Differencia entre un Planificador de Bodas vs un Coordinador de Bodas

La Differencia entre un Planificador de Bodas vs un Coordinador de Bodas 8.20.22

Listen, I get it. The wedding vocabulary is confusing. Some words are quite unknown and others we don’t even know they exist. Thus, a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator sound similar, but they are very different. Both wedding planners and wedding day coordinators are life savers, and I mean it. If you’ve been looking […]

Video Editing Styles

Video Editing Styles 8.10.22

Many of our clients want to know the difference between cinematic and documentary wedding video editing styles. In fact, most clients think that having a long video means it’s going to be a good video and you get your “money’s worth”.  Some clients will even make the statement that they want the longest video possible. […]

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