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Bridesmaid Duties in Denver You Need to Know


So, you’re going to be a Bridesmaid…

Congratulations! Not only do you get to see your best friend, sister, co-worker or cousin get married, you’re becoming their right hand (wo)man! Whether you’ve been in 10 weddings, or this is your first one, the roles of Bridesmaids are ever-changing. From planning to supporting, there are tons of things that need to get done. But don’t let that stress you out! In the end, everything will fall into place just as you hoped it would. Now let’s jump into the Bridesmaid duties in Denver you need to know.

Bridesmaid Duties in Denver You Need to Know

The Dresses

One of the first-and perhaps most exciting- things to check off your Bridesmaid Duties list is helping the Bride find her wedding dress. You may not always be asked to join, but if you are it’s extremely important to be supportive, honest, and of course, make the Bride feel CONFIDENT. It can take multiple trips to multiple wedding dress shops, and it’s not always easy for her to find The One. Time to find your dress! These situations can vary- sometimes, the Bride will pick out what dresses she wants for her ladies, as well as the color. Other times, the Bride will let you chose the style of dress, as long as it’s a part of the wedding colors. You will be paying for your Bridesmaid dress, as well as any alterations, the shoes, and any jewelry. Depending on how casual the rehearsal dinner is, you will also need to wear that night.

Emotional Support!

As stated above, the Bride is going to need your encouragement during the dress shopping process. But it doesn’t stop there! To avoid a “Bridezilla”, helping your girl blow off steam is a huge factor. Be her sounding board! Whether it’s about the floral arrangements, guest list, or venue, make sure she knows you are there for her. Weddings can be stressful for everyone and that’s okay!

Before the Wedding Responsibilities

Most of these fall to the Maid (or Matron) Of Honor, but your help will be MORE than appreciated. Planning the bachelorette party and bridal showers, and attending them should be a high priority as well. Group chats or apps like The Bach is a great way to stay organized! If you live out of state, you will probably be asked to travel, so make sure you start saving up! Not only for travel but if you need a hotel as well. Invitations need to be stuffed, decorations need to be made, so try to make yourself as available as you can. The night before the wedding will also be the rehearsal dinner- dress accordingly, be on time and pay attention! This dinner is to ensure that everything will run smoothly.

The Day of the Wedding!

Time for the final details! Of course, the best part will be getting your hair and makeup is done, and helping each other into all of your dresses. You will be asked to help with any pictures taken before the ceremony, plus what Bride doesn’t want an entourage of hype girls? For the ceremony, it’s pretty easy-breezy; don’t miss your cue to walk down the aisle, and if you are the MOH you will be in charge of holding the Bride’s bouquet, and possibly one of the rings. During the reception, the first thing is to have fun- secondly, be a good example for the other guests. That includes getting the dancing and photo booth started!

After the Send-Off

Your last duties as an official bridesmaid- clean up! Make sure that any decorations, personal items, and gifts are collected.

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