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Should You Give A Gift To A Wedding You Can’t Attend?

Should You Give A Gift To A Wedding You Can’t Attend?


Every one of us would want to be there on our friends’ special moments, especially if it’s their wedding. Unfortunately, the current coronavirus pandemic causes a hindrance to doing just that. Nevertheless, there are still couples out there who opt to push through with their wedding in different ways, like having a more intimate or small ceremony.

Should You Give A Gift To A Wedding You Can’t Attend?

In case your friend is planning the same thing, know that you have the right reasons to not go. Deciding not to go to your friend’s wedding because you don’t feel comfortable or safe due to the pandemic doesn’t make you a bad friend. The least you can do now is to send them the wedding gift for their big day.

Why sending wedding gifts is still important?

As said above, choosing not to go to a wedding ceremony at this time of the pandemic is totally understandable. Surely, you do not want to risk your safety on going to a celebration that you can skip. However, make sure to at least do what you can to send them a special present. A wedding is a very special day for anyone, and sending them a gift would surely make it more special to them, particularly if it’s the wedding of your close friend.

What wedding gift ideas should you consider?

Getting a special gift for a newlywed couple might seem a bit different these days because of the pandemic. While you’re probably thinking of sticking to the registry, there are other factors to take into account now, especially if you can’t go to the wedding in person. To help you out in this matter, we’ve compiled a thoughtful list of wedding gift ideas that you can consider.

  1. Create a video that’ll touch their hearts

Wedding gifts shouldn’t have to be expensive or grand. Most of the time, creating something more personal is the best way to go, especially if it’s a close friend’s wedding. For the video, you can gather a group of friends or family to record their messages for the couple. Or, if you want to make it more exciting and memorable, you can choreograph a silly dance that all of you can record.

  1. Send a gift card to their favorite restaurant

For sure, the newlywed couple will be feeling a bit worn out from organizing and throwing the wedding celebration. So if you want to give them something thoughtful, you might want to consider sending them a gift card to their favorite restaurant. They can have a special dinner after all the stressful planning.

  1. Get them airline gift cards

Now, you might be thinking that this isn’t a good idea right now. But think of it, people will surely be flocking to the airports once traveling is safe. And the newlywed couple would surely appreciate it if you can give a gift card that they can use to buy a flight for their belated honeymoon. Or, at least allow them to go on a trip with just the two of them after this pandemic.

Remember, even if you can’t attend your friend’s special day, you should still send them a thoughtful gift. Doing so will make them think that they are still very dear to you. After all, sending a present is a kind gesture, and it will mean a lot to the couple. And by considering the above-mentioned ideas for thoughtful wedding gifts, you can definitely get something that they will appreciate and make them feel as though you’re celebrating their love as well.

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