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Optimal Dallas Wedding DJ

Finding Your Optimal Dallas Wedding DJ


Choosing an optimal Dallas wedding DJ for your wedding can be overwhelming. After all, they’re typically the ones to set the tone for the evening and run the reception! However, many times engaged couples have a hard time knowing what they want in a DJ and how to ask. Here are a few things you should know when deciding who to go with for when it comes to wedding DJs in Dallas.

Choosing an Optimal Dallas Wedding DJ

Experience and regular work is important

Complete Weddings + Events Dallas DJs are highly experienced individuals who often times have been DJing weddings for years. However, how long someone has been able to call themselves a “DJ” is relative. For example, there are many Dallas DJs who claim to have DJ’d for a long period of time, but they don’t have much experience. This is because they don’t DJ on a consistent basis, but rather DJ on average around four or five Dallas Fort-Worth area weddings per year. This can cause problems since these people often forget what it’s like to DJ a wedding after months of going without work.

At Complete Weddings + Events, our DJs work weddings on a very consistent basis, DJing a wedding at least once a month. Our DJs not only gain experience quickly, but they stick around long enough to become by far the most experienced wedding DJs in Dallas.

High-end DJ Equipment? YES!

When booking a Dallas Wedding DJ, you’re also renting out his equipment for the night of your wedding in a away. That set up will be a part of your wedding reception; how it looks, sounds, and how much space it takes up is important to consider. When booking a low-end DJ, you’ll get low-end equipment, which could ruin the whole vibe you spent months, maybe even years planning.

The last thing you want is for a trashy looking system to ruin how the venue looks, and terrible sound quality to make it hard to hear announcements, your first dance song, and so much more. Complete Weddings + Events offers high quality equipment which includes the whole sound system, lights, a facade, and, of course, the music. Weddings are a big deal, so we didn’t skimp on ANYTHING.

You’ll want to know there’s back up plans in place, just in case

Our DJs know that when they’re booked for a wedding, there’s no backing out. That wedding is their primary concern on that day, nothing that comes up will come before it and they know that no matter what it’s their responsibility to be there and be awesome! However, sometimes even the worst of the worst happens and the DJ is physically incapable of getting to the wedding when the day comes around.

When this happens, isn’t it a huge weight off your shoulders to know that there’s a backup plan? No matter what, we will put someone there on the day of your wedding that is experienced and will make your day! We have a huge number of DJs, as well as DJs from the past who are always willing to step in when disaster strikes. Very rarely does this ever happen, but when it does, your wedding will be far from ruined as we’ll be sure to have someone there ready to go!

You’re going to want a Dallas wedding DJ that fits your party’s personality

As mentioned before, Complete Weddings + Events has a large amount of DJs on staff. We want to make sure that you are comfortable with the DJ you select, and that they fit perfectly with what you’re looking for in a DJ. When the DJ could easily fit into the wedding party or the wedding’s vibe, it’s likely that they’ll play the music you want, execute things the way you want them done, and even act in a way that works with the flow of things. A DJs personality is a huge contributing factor to the overall feel and vibe of the reception, and we can make sure you get a DJ that fits perfectly for your wedding!

Learn more our Dallas DJs here, and contact us to let us know what you’re looking for in a DJ, and we are happy to help guide you in the right direction.

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