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Colorado Springs, CO
DJ and Photographer Colorado Springs Dynamic Duo

DJ and Photographer Colorado Springs Dynamic Duo


Have you ever thought about how closely your wedding vendors work together at your wedding? They work closer than you might think (or at least they should be)! Having a DJ and wedding photographer Colorado Springs Duo that knows how to work in harmony to make your wedding day flow perfectly can make the biggest difference. Read on to see why choosing a Complete Weddings + Events Colorado Springs DJ and Photographer can make or break your big day!

DJ and Photographer Colorado Springs Dynamic Duo

Great Communication

Throughout the course of the evening, both your DJ and photographer will be consistently communicating about what is going to happen next. Your photographer needs to be informed on when the DJ plans to jump into the next event. The DJ will make sure the photographer is ready for the cake cutting, first dances, toasts, etc. before announcing them. The Colorado Springs wedding photographer will also be making sure to chat with the DJ about exactly when and where to be. This dynamic duo has your back!

Fantastic Photos

When you hire the Complete team, you ensure some fun photos! One great example of how these two make a great combo for awesome shots is our “group photo”. The DJ gets everyone on the dance floor for a huge group pic of EVERYONE at your wedding for your photographer to capture. He plays a fun song to break the ice, and your open dance begins with everyone on the dance floor! Our wedding DJs and photographers have a ton of other fun ideas to break the ice while simultaneously getting the perfect pictures.

Unique Opportunities

Combining DJ and photography allows for some very unique opportunities. This is a major reason you should consider combining DJ and photography but not many couples think about this advantage! Since you’ll have the DJ and photographer as a team, they’ll be able to work together to create large, group photos of everyone at your wedding. The DJ will be able to work with the photographer to announce unique wedding photos and create special memories!

A Complete Team of Professionals

Not only will you have the opportunity to work with a professional DJ and photography team, but you could have the opportunity to work with a team of our experts beyond that as well! Since we also offer videography, photo booth, and uplighting, you could very well have a complete team of professionals that will work with you and ensure that everything will run as smoothly as possible. Plus, you’ll have ONE contact for all these services as you’ll work with our office team which will be available to you as you move through the planning process.

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