What To Wear For Engagement Photos Close Up on Engagement Ring

What To Wear For Engagement Photos


Not sure what to wear to your engagement photoshoot? We understand that it is an important event, and these photos end up in a lot of places! They can be the photos that you use for an engagement announcement. Most likely they will be used to save the date, and possibly other wedding-related invitations. They could end up in your first home together as a couple! You can also have them for a wedding website as well. If those aren’t reasons enough,  they are amazing photos to have as a couple. Let us help with some tips and tricks to help when choosing your outfit for your Engagement Photos!

What To Wear For Engagement Photos

Outfit Tips

Here are a few things to think about when you are picking out outfits. One thing to consider when picking out outfits is having multiple outfits ready to go! Changing your outfit makes your background space look like a whole new photo once you switch outfits. Keep the following in mind when choosing an engagement shoot outfit (or two).

  1. Make sure you wear clothes that are true to the two of you. Clothes that make you feel like you and you are comfortable in will show in your shoot! Also, if you have a unique thing you share in common (sports team, college, etc). This can add a unique photo and still be done in a classy way!
  2. Think about what your partner has in mind for photos as well. You want to make sure that you complement each other, but do not match! This way the photos come more natural and are esthetically pleasing as well.
  3. Pick outfits that are either neutrals, cool colors, or pastels. There is nothing wrong with a bold green top if that is something important to you or goes with the season. Just make sure that it’s the only bold color in that outfit set.
  4. Keep in mind, you will have these photos forever! To keep them timeless, with your outfits try and stick to the classics. Avoid super trendy pieces, and try to limit to one accessory per outfit change.

Remember, these are not rules you have to abide by! They are just a good guideline to keep in mind when trying to come up with a few outfits.



Light and bright colors, some pastels as well. If you do floral prints, make sure the are simple and not too busy. Anything flowy or airy brings a nice brightness to the photos. Barefoot can be playful and go with some areas that you might take Spring/Summer photos. Think the beach, a park or field. Examples are a sundress with a jean jacket, or a mid-length skirt with a neutral top.


It will be on the colder side, depending on where you live. But don’t be afraid to wear a warmer outfit. Neutral sweaters, or light weight tailored jackets. A simple and classic scarf can be an accessory and keep you warm! Fall/Winter can be cool tones to really brighten up a field or stone background.

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