How to Personalize Your Wedding Playlist Morgan + Rowdy's Wedding at The Barn at Fairview Acres

Morgan + Rowdy’s Wedding at The Barn at Fairview Acres


Couples planning a wedding during the winter season, do not skip this! All of the touches that were added to this wedding really bring the personality of the couple into their big day. Having a winter wedding has so many benefits. Less people have their wedding then, so you don’t have to have your guests choose who’s wedding to attend. There are unique photo opportunities with the snow, as you can see this couple got to take full advantage of this! The list goes on and on, but take a look and see for yourself.

A Blank Slate

Morgan and Rowdy defiantly made the right choice having their wedding at The Barn at Fairview Acres in Biggsville, IL. If you have not checked them out, put Fairview Acres at the top of your list! Everything about venues that you can transform is a must. Making a wedding unique is something on the top of all bride’s lists, and it starts with a blank slate. This venue already has a gorgeous foundation, just add on top and add personal touches. You can see that through all of the touches Morgan and Rowdy did!

Dog’s are a man’s (and women’s) best friend! All of the touches that the couple added to their wedding make it unique to them. They have dogs themselves and encouraged others to bring home treats to their furry friends. Pictures with your four-legged best friends can add a personal touch to not only the day but the photos that last a lifetime.

Happily Ever After

The photos to come are some emotional and amazing shots! This is one of the reasons photography is a must for your wedding day. The day is captured and all the emotion to go along with it. Rowdy made it easy to get the shot all brides hope for, the reaction of her coming down the aisle. It’s pure and real, and we are totally here for it!

Long story short, even though they went to school together (a couple years apart) and had a class together, they didn’t really know each other. But, late December of 2017 Morgan’s parents and herself went to the bar one evening. That is where their kindling started and they would talk here and there. But, it wasn’t until August of 2018 when they started to talk continuously. He asked if she would be his date to his cousins wedding the following January. He was stationed in Hawaii and she was living in Texas at the time, so they couldn’t really hang out. So, she took a trip to Hawaii for the Christmas of 2018 through to New Years of 2019. Which has lead to where they are now! What a fairy tail dream!

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